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Dionne Mejer

Dionne Mejer is a 25+ year sales and technology veteran who started Revenue by Design (RbD) in 2014. As a practitioner, Dionne’s teams consistently made their number, grew business, and successfully took on more responsibility and special projects. As the CEO & Founder of RbD, Dionne believes in people, purpose, and planning and keeping it real, meaning we use a lot of common sense and “been there, done that” scenarios when we talk to give you the most straightforward path possible to revenue. By bringing this experience, we can focus on your people and that transformation process and lead them through the changes in your organization and your organization. Our clients see increases in conversion rates, closing rates, quality conversations, sales rep confidence, appointments set, and so much more. Dionne’s book, The Stepped Approach, showcases her approach and provides practical tips and “how to” you can use immediately.

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