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Brian O'Neil

Brian O’Neil is CEO and President of Sales University Group. Sales University Group has helped innovative, fast-growing businesses and Fortune 500 companies with sales recruiting, sales training, sales consulting, inside sales and a unique program called “The Interim VP of Sales Program.”

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We are pulled in so many different directions with the advancement of technology - emails, instant messages, tweets, posts, updates, etc. and the majority of the time we stop what we are doing to check each new dispatch. By day's end, we are frustrated that…
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This companion to Brian O'Neil's book, The Legacy Life, How to Connect, Communicate and Collaborate guides you through the creation of your Legacy Life. Filled with exercises gleaned from Brian's presentations to Fortune 500 companies, you will craft your game plan to increase the quality…
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Legacy Life - connecting, communicating and collaborating to make meaningful business and personal connections is the way to conduct business in the 21st century. Only five percent of business people do it the 'right way.' In addition, we all want to enjoy the important things…
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