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Bill Dickinson

Bill Dickinson is a seasoned leader and author with nearly three decades of experience in innovating and designing leadership development programs. His passion lies in equipping organizational leaders with essential competencies to thrive and empower others. With coaching, facilitation, and organizational development expertise, Bill has positively impacted companies such as Boeing, Coca-Cola Bottling, and AbbVie Biopharmaceutical. As an LGBTQ advisor to the mayor of Atlanta, he is committed to fostering inclusive and diverse organizational cultures.

Bill holds a Doctorate in Leadership Development and is a Registered Corporate Coach specializing in executive coaching and team building. He was also a Catholic priest for 25 years.

His book: "Optimizing Self: A Guided Workbook to Elevate Your Impact as a Leader," is a self-paced leadership development book designed to help individuals grow, improve, and celebrate their professional identity.

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