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Amanda Shevette

Amanda’s 20+ year career has been focused in Human Resources, Organizational Development, and Strategic Planning. Her early career was spent working for large corporations in the aerospace, automotive, construction, and fashion sectors. Upon leaving the corporate environment in 2004, she co-founded and directed operations for two small businesses while serving as an executive leadership coach and organizational development consultant. Her business, Leading Purpose, is a consulting and coaching firm that has been equipping and empowering business profitability through people-development since 2010. Her professional experience also includes four years as an elected local government official and several volunteer leadership roles in community-focused organizations. Currently she is a member of the board of trustees for Isothermal Community College and is a stability leader for The Stability Network, a movement of people speaking out about their own mental health challenges in order to inspire and encourage change in the way mental illness is viewed in the workplace. Amanda recently joined a higher ed institution as their Vice President of Human Resources where she has opportunity to expand education efforts about the role of vulnerable, authentic leadership in supporting mental wellness and corporate DEI efforts.

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