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Thriving in a Digital World: Simple Truths from a Tech Guru
Blog / Artificial Intelligence / Apr 2, 2024 / Posted by Geoff Blaisdell / 10

Thriving in a Digital World: Simple Truths from a Tech Guru


In a world buzzing with gadgets and gizmos, it’s easy to get caught up in the latest tech trend. But what does it really take to lead in the digital age? I had the chance to chat with Geoff Blaisdell, a seasoned digital expert, and his insights were like finding a map in a tech jungle.

Tech Isn’t Just for Show

First, we discussed how businesses and technology are buddies. It’s not about having the flashiest tools but using tech to fix problems and add real value. Imagine a superhero duo where one is all tech-savvy, and the other knows exactly where to save the day. That’s how tech and business should work together.

Talking about digital transformation seems like a big, scary term that might mean robots taking over jobs. But it’s actually about making things connect better, streamlining work, and making the most out of data. Geoff put it simply: digital means getting things done faster and smarter.

Goals and Gadgets Should Get Along

We also chatted about ensuring tech efforts align with a business’s goals. It’s like planning a trip—you wouldn’t pack your bags without knowing your destination, right? The same goes for bringing in new technology.

Ah, the big question: Will AI steal our jobs? Geoff thinks it’s not just about job loss. It’s like giving a superhero a new gadget. It can make them do their job better, not replace them. He shared how AI can help investment managers make smarter decisions, like a chess grandmaster teaming up with AI to win the game.

In all this talk about technology, we agreed that keeping things human is crucial. Geoff mentioned a startup using AI to help sales teams but in a way that keeps personal interaction at the heart of it all. It’s a reminder that behind every screen, there’s a human being.

The Road Ahead: Transformations and Challenges

Looking into the future, Geoff sees a mix of small steps and giant technological leaps. He’s excited about things like self-driving cars that could change how we live by giving us more time for ourselves. But, he also worries about the ethical dilemmas, like using AI in courts. Could it be fairer, or could it go wrong?

Our chat also touched on the use of bots in business. The idea is to be clear about using them and not trick people into thinking they’re talking to humans. Plus, we pondered the ethical side of technology, like in the movie “Her,” where someone falls in love with a digital voice. It makes you wonder about the future of human and AI relationships.

Chatting with Geoff Blaisdell opened up a window into the importance of digital leadership in today’s business world. It’s about more than just jumping on the latest tech trend. It’s about solving real problems, staying aligned with your goals, and keeping the human connection alive in the digital age. In a way, leading in the digital world is about using technology not just to change the game but to make it better for everyone involved.

About Author

Geoff Blaisdell is an experienced digital leader, executive, advisor, investor, and change agent with over thirty years of success at the intersection of finance and technology. Geoff has held key roles at Blackrock, Fischer Francis, and most recently as the Head of Technology at Western Asset Management. During his tenure, Geoff has been responsible and accountable for over $1 billion in global IT and digital deployment, leading teams of over 300 people in support of USD hundreds of billions of global AUM.


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