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What John’s Guest Are Saying!

John Golden, Amazon Best-Selling Author, Executive Editor of Sales POP! Magazine and CMSO of Pipeliner CRM interviews thought leaders from all around the globe on a range of topics covering sales, leadership, management and change. He conducts short 20 minute recorded video interviews as well as 30 minute live #SalesChats and live, hour long panel discussions. Here is what some of John's guests are saying about the experience of being interviewed by John:

I really enjoyed my interview with John and believe it is a valuable podcast for sales professionals. I have been full commission sales for over 30 years and know the value of one good idea and how it can impact your business. It can be mentally challenging with the pressure of hitting your numbers consistently. We all need some positive energy!

Chip Eichelberger

I thoroughly enjoyed my video interview with John Golden of SalesPop. We had a great conversation that covered the barriers to marketing and sales alignment. John is an expert interviewer and knows how to ask the right questions to produce content that is both informative and interesting.

Christopher Ryan

What a pleasure from beginning to end! From the first contact to the end of the interview everything was just perfect. Everyone said what they were going "to do" and they did it! John is a pro...He was fully prepared on preparing great questions and not the same old stock questions many interviewers use. The time flew by and wished it was even longer. Very impressed and would recommend to any of my "speaker" friends or colleagues.

Hal Becker

From the moment John started interviewing me I could tell he was a pro. It was like were sitting at his kitchen table talking about things that we were both passionate about, that we knew would change lives. John is the real deal.

Michael Altshuler

I loved talking with John because he asked insightful questions and genuinely cared about me and my work. I could tell he did his HW on me and my organization. It was an absolutely pleasure talking to John - and I would do it again in a heartbeat.

Kenton Lee

I very much enjoyed my interview with John. He asked great questions that showed his ability to connect with me and was able to bring out and highlight the most important aspects of my personality styles tool as it relates to clients. His questions will help others gain insight on the importance of understanding personality as it relates to the buyer’s experience with the sales professional. It’s not how you sell, but how your client buys! Thank you John!

Stu Schlackman

When speaking with John, you have a focused, one-on-one conversation with an experienced business leader. The listener learns a great deal and the guest has an energizing interview experience.

Suzanne Paling

I have been fortunate enough to do two interviews with John Golden and he’s a true ‘Pro’. His background and expertise make him the perfect host to engage in thought provoking and interesting conversation that really resonate with his audience. On the flip side, I interviewed John Golden for my book, ‘The TOP Seller Advantage” Powerful Strategies to Build Long-Term Executive Relationships’ and you can find his words of wisdom at the end of Chapter One: Who Do You Target in the C-Suite?

Lisa Magnuson

John is not an interviewer in my opinion, he is a master conversationalist, which is what makes him so effective during the segments he runs for SalesPOP! John’s depth of subject matter expertise in Sales, and fluid style in conversations make his videos stand out among the crowd. He is top shelf.

John E. Flannery

John’s deep understanding of the issues affecting sales performance is what enables him to ask the right questions at the right time whenever we talk about sales leadership and sales excellence. I’ve enjoyed our interviews together almost as much as I enjoyed working with John back in our days at Huthwaite.

Matthew McDarby

The quality of an interview depends on the quality of questions. John Golden's questioning is superb.

Patricia Fripp

John's interviewing skills are first rate. He makes every interview feel like a conversation. He makes guests feel like friends. And he makes complex topics easy to understand. It was an honor to be interviewed by him, and it's always a pleasure to listen to him and his guests.

Deb Calvert