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What John’s Guest Are Saying!

John Golden, Amazon Best-Selling Author, Executive Editor of Sales POP! Magazine and CMSO of Pipeliner CRM interviews thought leaders from all around the globe on a range of topics covering sales, leadership, management and change. He conducts short 20 minute recorded video interviews as well as 30 minute live #SalesChats and live, hour long panel discussions. Here is what some of John's guests are saying about the experience of being interviewed by John:

John shows real insight in his questions. He sparked my thinking about my topic: Real Results on Real Work in Real Time during our talk and provided a platform for me to further introduce my work into the world. Being nimble and agile in any of sales work -- being "change-able" I call it -- is critical to success. Thanks to <a href="">John</a> and <a href="">SalesPOP</a> for making it possible for others to learn this, too!

Jake Jacobs

What makes for a great interview is a great <a href="">conversation</a>. John is a master at paying close attention, drawing out information, and creating a space for fluid dialogue. It’s my pleasure and joy to have these conversations!

Eileen McDargh

Not all interviews are equal. I thoroughly enjoyed my interview with <a href="">John Golden</a>. Great questions! Great experience! Great end product for his listeners!

Sam Silverstein

<a href="">John</a> and I had a great conversation, and he brought up some very relevant points that allowed me to further explore some of the topics I cover in my book The Art of People.

Dave Kerpen

It was a true pleasure to work with John. He was prepared, personable, and guided an insightful interview and conversation about the importance and role of building trust in professional relationships. I wouldn’t hesitate to work again with John and his team.

Randy Conley

John’s had me on his show twice and both times the time flew. John makes it fun and <a href="">conversational</a>. You can tell by the follow up questions he asks that he’s genuinely interested in knowing more. If being a podcast host were an Olympic event, John would win the Gold Medal!

Ruben Gonzalez

It was a pleasure to participate on the sales panel with <a href="">Michael Altshuler</a> and John Healy. As the moderator, <a href="">John Golden</a> generated value-rich, interesting discussions with his insightful questions and follow-up. I welcomed the opportunity to join in the discussion and provide my thoughts on how to start off the new year strong.

Ruth van Vierzen

Outstanding! Always great to have a conversation with an expert and John is just that, he’s an expert and even bigger than that he is a <a href="">great interviewer</a>. Our time together went too fast but that’s what made it so good.

Mark Hunter