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Do You Lose Opportunities In Your Sales Funnel?
Blog / True Sales Tales / Aug 8, 2019 / Posted by Elinor Stutz / 5930

Do You Lose Opportunities In Your Sales Funnel?

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Two main reasons exist as to why you may be losing opportunities in your sales funnel:

  1. The lack of timely follow-up
  2. Not remembering you are to check back in with your prospective client

As a former salesperson who began in the profession before the internet or the idea of CRM came into being, I whole-heartedly welcomed the software announcement.  The comparison of before and after is ‘light-years apart.’

Pre-CRM Nightmare

We were instructed to knock on, at a minimum, fifty doors per day to meet the averages.  Why is ‘meet the averages’ a goal?  My goals were higher than attempting to be average.  Instead, I chose to collect sixty business cards each day to ensure a healthy pipeline.

In the late afternoon, the team would return to the office with their stacks of cards.  I prioritized mine according to the requested dates for callbacks.  The other representatives just let their cards sit in tall stacks on their desks.

After hours, the janitorial staff would pick up the fallen business cards off the floor.  Where were the cards put? The prospective sales cards would then be put into the wastebaskets, and later dumped into the trash bins outside.

Countless opportunities in the sales funnel were lost.

Applause for CRM

For the first time, I was happy to sit in a training class. I carefully listened to the instruction for how to enter contact information and include the requested date for reconnecting.

Each morning I double-checked the CRM system before going into the field. I became very efficient in following up.

Including Humor

Connecting on a human level, I took the process to the next level. As a prospect answered the phone, and after my saying ‘hello,’ I would remind each person that they asked me to call on that day and time.  I quickly added, ‘it’s amazing how quickly time flies.’

The statement was promptly followed with the question, ‘does now still work for you?’ A short laugh, and the answer of ‘yes,’ always gave me the green light to ask for a meeting.

Years later, I would forewarn prospects that I excel in following up.  With a serious tone, I asked to confirm if they were positive they wanted me to call back.

“Humor plus sincerity produces a unanimous ‘yes!’

Advantages of habitually using a CRM database include:

  1. There is no legitimate reason for not following up
  2. Timely continuation of the conversation
  3. Developing credibility and trust by following through as promised
  4. Increasing the number of meetings plus the size of sales
  5. Avoidance of losing opportunities plus a robust sales pipeline

The Bonus:

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