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26 Research-Backed Stats to Optimize Ecommerce
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26 Research-Backed Stats to Optimize Ecommerce

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With the increase in online shopping comes an increase in customer expectations. Shipping times are becoming shorter, technology is becoming smarter, and customer service is becoming more important. Companies that sell online have to keep up with this demand or be left behind.

By 2040, it’s estimated that 95% of purchases will be made online. If you’re a retailer, understanding the changing landscape of ecommerce will help you survive and thrive in the future. By having a few important statistics in your back pocket, you can set yourself up to make smart strategies from social media marketing to customer service satisfaction.

Not sure where to start? This infographic covers everything you need to know about the ecommerce landscape in 2019.

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Daudi Noor commented...

This is spectacular since technology change day to day here we can learn on how it’s development can impact the future of the sales and business at large

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