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How To Build a Winning Sales Plan in 3 Steps

Watch the replay of this important #SalesChats with Amy Franko on “How To Build a Winning Sales Plan in 3 Steps”

00:00 Introduction

04:30 Step 1 – Key Goals & Milestones

12:10 Step 2 – Key Verticals

18:02 Step 3 – Ideal Target Customers

25:36 Recap

27:21 Power Tip

Now more than ever, companies are having to re-address their sales plans and even look at pivoting into adjacent or completely new markets. The issue is clear but the challenge is how to build a plan that clearly identifies the market, the target buyer and a sales strategy to go after both. And if these challenges are not enough, the timeframes have dramatically decreased given the uncertainty of the times we live in so this sales chat will also address how you plan for much shorter windows than ever. Amy Franko joined host John Golden to answer these important questions.

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