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Sales Training Month on SalesPOP!
Blog / Sales Training / Aug 1, 2017 / Posted by Bruce Boyers / 6400

Sales Training Month on SalesPOP!

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Welcome to Sales Training Month at SalesPOP! All this month, our expert contributors will be focusing on the vital subject of Sales Training.

Sales. It’s right at the center of a company’s revenue strategy. Without sales, revenue doesn’t happen at all. With the right sales team and the right strategy–and of course the right product or service–it’s a rocket ride right out through the top.

But what is ahead of even all that? You guessed it: sales training. If those sales reps don’t properly learn to sell a company’s products and services, sales aren’t going to happen, or at least aren’t going to happen in the necessary quantity. And worse if they don’t have fundamental selling skills to begin with, knowing the products and services won’t be enough. And just to make it a little more complicated training never really ends because buyer behavior evolves and even the most well trained rep has to continually upskill and adapt.

Once salespeople are trained, it certainly doesn’t end there: coaching and mentoring has to carry it forward. In fact, coaching and mentoring are the only ways to actually improve the overall team closing ratio for the better–other than the very expensive method of continuing to hire more and more reps.

So how best to get reps trained? It can certainly be an expensive proposition, but it’s also one of the most important investments your company will make. Whatever method is chosen, it should definitely be chosen with great care. And it should certainly be monitored for effectiveness.

And as mentioned, training should never end with that initial burst–especially if you are looking for revenues to continue increasing in this extremely competitive sales climate. Sales managers should be spending as much time as possible mentoring and coaching reps so that their skills and abilities are ever-increasing.

Join us all throughout this month as some of the world’s top sales experts weigh in on this incredibly important topic–both with written guest blog posts, and in a powerful series of video interviews with SalesPOP! Editor-in-Chief John Golden.

We’ll see you here!

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Bruce is a freelance writer and a 20+-year marketing veteran. During his career he has worked very closely with salespeople, achieved an understanding of how they can best be assisted by marketing, and gained a keen insight into the innate and singular abilities they demonstrate day in and day out.

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