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9 Steps to Lead Conversion Success
Blog / Prospecting / Oct 25, 2019 / Posted by Mike Ciccolella / 6000

9 Steps to Lead Conversion Success


Lead conversion is a complex subject. We could talk about converting marketing qualified leads (MQLs) into sales qualified leads (SQLs), converting sales qualified leads (SQLs) into sales accepted leads (SALs), and converting sales qualified leads (SQLs) into closed-won deals, etc.

That said, here are 9 steps to lead conversion success:

  1. Define all your lead types (MQLs, SQLs, SALs, etc.).
  2. Put in place lead scoring, and keep it simple … assign leads a value such as A, B, C, etc.
  3. Establish policies around the number of varied follow-up attempts per type of lead. Transactional sales vs. complex sales follow-up numbers will likely be different.
  4. Have dedicated sales development representatives (SDRs) follow up on all marketing qualified leads (MQLs). Create a structure that allows sales representatives to focus on their core competency and passion for advancing and closing revenue-generating deals.
  5. Have persona-based messaging developed for personalization, and bring AI tools into the mix to support those efforts. Adjust and optimize messaging per testing and feedback from your customers, prospects, and suspects.
  6. Use a wide variety of relevant demand generation content to nurture folks during every stage of the buying process and/or sales cycle.
  7. Ensure you have full visibility on all marketing and sales activity in your CRM, and update the data at regular intervals.
  8. Always be qualifying all lead types.
  9. Be patient and polite. The way people buy has changed. They do more research online. Don’t be pushy and in a rush. Yes, sometimes you’ll convert a lead on a first call. Other times it will take years of educating and advising. Either way, great follow-up is an art form.
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