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7 Steps To Improve Membership Sales In Your Gym
Blog / Prospecting / Nov 27, 2019 / Posted by Philip Piletic / 4829

7 Steps To Improve Membership Sales In Your Gym

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The health and fitness industry in the United States has seen a high level of growth over the years, with more and more people buying gym memberships than ever before. With this rise in memberships, owning a fitness business in the US is a more profitable endeavor than it has ever been. Even with that, some gym owners find it difficult to get members to walk through the doors and stay profitable. This is because they do not know the process to follow in order to get people to buy memberships. Here are seven steps to improve membership sales in your gym.

1. Identify Your Target Clients and Their Needs

In order to get clients that will buy memberships, you must understand what their needs are and position your gym to fill them just like the Doncaster gym membership. The fitness facility that is able to offer the most value to its members by filling a need or improving their fitness journey will most likely commit to the gym and encourage others to do the same. For instance, if in the course of a sales call, you find out that the prospective member is interested in reducing pain in her body, then you can go on to talk to her about classes tailored towards that and avoid conversations about rigorous and complex training sessions.

2. Prepare a Sales Script

When talking to prospective members over the phone, there is a typical flow to the sales conversation and questions that most people will ask. A good way to have a sales conversation that flows in favor of the prospect of buying a membership is to prepare a sales script that you can follow easily. An effective sales script will tell a story of a competent gym that understands the prospect’s needs and is capable of fulfilling those needs. It will thoroughly answer questions and leave the prospect excited to buy a membership. The advantage of creating a script like this is that it creates a repeatable structure to the sales process and makes it easier to train new additions to the salesforce. You can use print advertising to prepare your potential customers before they call. If you need help with this, can help.

3. Understand Your Competition

In a world with limited resources, prospects have to seriously consider their options when deciding which fitness facility to buy a membership in. in order to be the gym that people choose over competitors, you must understand them thoroughly and be able to offer what they are unable to. It is very likely that representatives from other gyms will have reached out to the same prospect. Therefore, you must be able to give sufficient reasons why you are better than the competition and why they should join your gym and not that of a competitor.

4. Offer a Personalized Selling Experience

Having a thorough understanding of the prospect’s needs and the offerings you can provide that your competition cannot, can make the experience of buying a membership at your gym as personalized as possible. Offer a personalized tour of the gym, showing the prospect every detail of interest to them. Connect them with members of your gym that they can welcome them to the community. If you have the right gym management software, you can even create a customized workout schedule for them to help decide when they will work out at the gym.

5. Follow Up In a Timely Fashion

The best time to close a sale with a new member is right after you take them on a tour of your facility. However, some prospects may insist that they would like to go home and think about it or talk it over with their partner. No matter what, do not be pushy or try to force the sale. However, make sure that you follow up while the experience of being at your facility is fresh in the prospect’s mind and that you do this on time. While you do not want to be a bother, try to send messages at regular intervals, or call to remind them that you still hope to see them at the gym soon.

6. Track The Results of Your Efforts

After putting in the effort to understand your prospective client and the competition, to create a personalized experience for the customer, and to close the sale or follow up until that happens, it is necessary to track the results of your efforts. Find out, using trackable metrics, exactly how much progress you have made in terms of membership increases. Other metrics to take into consideration include the cost of signing on a new member, market share in relation to competing gyms, and the best channels for attracting new members.

7. Encourage Members to Refer Other Members

The fact that a prospect has become a paying member does not mean there are no other ways the gym can profit from the relationship. Every member that stays in your gym will know friends and have family members that they could invite to join them and workout at your gym. Consider creating an incentive program to encourage your members to do just that. Their rewards could be discounts on their own memberships, improved packages, or special gifts like massages or spa sessions.

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