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What Categorizes as a Good Divorce Lawyer?
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What Categorizes as a Good Divorce Lawyer?


Are you going to worry about who will represent you in a divorce settlement? It’s natural to worry because the future is now uncertain. Here we shall discuss some of the fundamental inquiries from divorce clients and a few lawyer qualities to put your curiosity to rest.


Ensure the lawyer you hire has enough experience to lead a successful divorce. Good divorce lawyers in Houston have years of experience regarding court processes and legal complications. The lawyers will move through the application efficiently. You can also inquire about the client’s previous references to help you decide.


A divorce lawyer will also communicate with the client without hesitancy. Legalese language and terminologies are foreign to most of us. A lawyer will interpret divorce contracts and petition information to be understood by the client. Furthermore, the lawyer will also listen to the client’s concerns before moving forward.


A competent professional lawyer is a professional through and through. Indication of professionalism includes arriving on time, meeting deadlines on time, and filing the paperwork correctly. Revisions in legal matters are complicated. Therefore, observe a divorce lawyer before hiring them. It will give you an idea of their experience and potential outcome.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is the retainer fee for a divorce lawyer?

A lawyer will usually ask for a retainer between $2500 to $15000. However, the figure is expected to increase based on conversations. The money will be placed in escrow and used to pay billable hours.

What is the duration of a divorce to finalize?

After filing the divorce petition, the lawyer must wait for the subsequent two months to file the divorce. The divorce may take six months to a year to finalize. However, complications will elongate the duration.

Can the 60-day period waive for divorce?

The period between the petition and filing can be waived in certain circumstances. These include crimes admitted of violence by the other spouse to hurt the family. The spouse can also sign the Waiver of Citation to speed up the process.

Is it necessary to assess who filed the divorce?

It is not necessary to assess who filed the divorce petition. The filing will move forward as usual regardless of the two parties involved:

  • The petitioner who filed for divorce
  • The respondent who answers the divorce petition

Is a non-consummated marriage grounds for divorce?

While being stuck in a marriage with a lack of intimacy is an unfortunate lifestyle, it is not a legal reason to file a divorce.

Is constructive abandonment a reality?

Many marriages suffer from constructive abandonment without realizing it. Though the partner is physically present, they are emotionally absent in the marital institution.

Contact a Divorce Lawyer!

The next step involves hiring a divorce lawyer once you have decided to separate from the spouse. It is an unfortunate reality that will be made easier with a qualified and professional divorce lawyer. They will provide representation and assistance to protect your family while simultaneously safeguarding your interest.

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