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Virtual data rooms – a necessity or an excess?
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Virtual data rooms – a necessity or an excess?


Introduction: What is a Virtual Data Room?

In the last few years, virtual data rooms have become the main tool for mergers and acquisitions of different companies. Thanks to them, specialists from different fields of activity can easily exchange, store, organize and process huge amounts of data.

Thus, the electronic data room has found a new life as an auxiliary device for merging different projects. In addition to being great for cloud storage, these rooms have now been repurposed to make the process more collaborative and efficient.

Next, you will learn what data room services are, how to choose the best virtual data room providers and what other purposes can data rooms be used for? More info here:

Virtual Data Room Definition

A virtual data room, also referred to as a VDR, is a cloud storage that is primarily used to securely store important data. However, in addition to this, the data room software allows users to exchange data and information internally with customers, company management, etc. using the Internet.

What Is the Purpose of VDR?

Virtual data room providers primarily reduce the amount of paperwork, which greatly optimizes the space and time of staff who work with significant documents. In addition, improving due diligence processes, cutting down overhead costs and caring for the environment.

At the same time, data rooms can be used at any time when it is necessary to provide sensitive data to potential buyers or clients. Such data must be well and competently structured, which will greatly simplify the work with them. And finally, virtual data rooms must be secure because their main task is to keep valuable data safe.

Thus, the online data room software can be used for:

  • Secure storage of important documents that can be accessed at any time.
  • Sharing data between stakeholders.
  • Grant and track access to different files based on their privacy level.
  • Project management based on document exchange.

Which Are Better: Virtual or Physical Data rooms?

The most important advantage of virtual data rooms compared to physical ones is that they are available almost always and for anything. Compared to physical data rooms, virtual data rooms are not only easier to get for any purpose, but they are also more secure and efficient in terms of data storage. So, for example, the exchange of information and significant documents can take place not only within one company, but several at once. This makes virtual data rooms versatile, as they are suitable for a wider range of industries and situations.

Data room vendors provide services not only for the financial sector, for example, for asset management, optimization of mergers and acquisitions of enterprises, but also for other industries. So, for example, many companies use VDR to carry out day-to-day operations or even to meet various needs for receiving and providing data of different confidentiality.

Is There a Difference between Virtual Data Rooms and Cloud Storage?

At first glance, this is a logical question, but there is a big difference between these two concepts. There are many reasons why cloud storage does not meet the needs of even relatively small companies, let alone large ones. Here are some of the most popular reasons for using virtual data rooms:


One of the most common reasons why companies are forced to work with virtual data rooms. Physical data can be stolen or destroyed for a variety of reasons, from thieves to fires, floods, and other water hazards that can easily destroy an entire building, not to mention an office.


Customizable access to various data, firstly, is much more convenient and allows you to immediately use all the advantages of VDR, and secondly, it is more reliable than on a physical computer. In the event of a breakdown, all necessary files and data will remain in the virtual data room.


Virtual data rooms provide much better access to users from any computer. Depending on the file sharing, each user may be forced to install a certain program and only then gain access to it. These are all unnecessary steps that you will forget about using virtual data rooms.


One of the main advantages of virtual data rooms is the presence of a structured database of stored data that can be accessed at any time. Regardless of how much data is stored in the room – you can always easily find exactly what you need. The same cannot be said about physical data rooms, where it is difficult to find anything even with an average amount of data.

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