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Twelve Digital Marketing Trends for 2022 and How You Can Take Advantage of Them
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Twelve Digital Marketing Trends for 2022 and How You Can Take Advantage of Them

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2022 is here, and marketers need to research digital marketing trends to stay ahead of their competitors and hire the right talent.

Doing research to find the best solutions on the market and automate business processes is essential to increase profits,or to structure your business planning. In this article, we are going to take a look at 12 digital marketing trends that you should pay attention to in 2022.

12 Digital Marketing Trends and How You Can Apply Them

Website Building

In this section, we will consider mobile-optimized websites.

In addition to website building, it’s crucial to have a good name for your business which you can get using an online tool such as name generator engine. These days, every business should consider the fact that when it comes to getting online, smartphones are becoming increasingly popular every year Or sharing creative short videos and increasing Facebook and Instagram ads. Therefore, companies should focus on creating mobile-friendly content for their websites. Therefore, nowadays, learning social media skills is a must.

Kaushal Prajapati, the Head of Design at Pearl Lemon Web, states, “We used to think that websites with proper layouts and grids were ideal but now those kinds of websites look old fashioned.”

Kaushal continues, “These days, people visit websites on their mobile phones so you need to keep that in mind. Not everyone is going to visit your website using the same screen size, so you need to design it to suit different screen sizes.”

Currently, there are a lot of eCommerce platforms that support building UX/UI on both mobile and PC. Prominent among them are Wix and Shopify. You can learn detailed Wix vs Shopify comparisons to understand more and be able to choose the best platform for your website. The website builders take care of the future engagement of the product, and it brings positive outcomes to the business.

Like other marketing tools, developing mobile-optimized websites should have a strategy. This includes optimizing website design for smartphone screens using AMP. As a result, companies will receive the following benefits:

  • Higher positions in SERPs;
  • Improved integration features;
  • Improved user engagement;
  • Better conversion rates.

Artificial Intelligence

Gartner, Inc. (research & advisory) predicts that global AI (artificial intelligence) software revenue will reach $62.5 billion in 2022 (an increase of 21.3% from 2021). And it’s just the beginning. That’s why marketers need to pay close attention to the advantages and capabilities of AI.

Such technologies help brands predict customer purchases, obtain customer data, learn from it, and use it to achieve certain business goals. Starting from call center software to the sales needs to have corresponding Business Acumen, the combined system of the employees.

Depending on your business niche, AI can be used in different ways, applying technologies like smart sensors, IoT (Internet of Things), MV (machine vision), deep learning, business analytics, and more.

Voice Search

This trend was also actively used in 2021, however, this year promises new opportunities. Therefore, marketers should implement this tool in their strategies. The main directions of development are virtual assistants and AI-based chatbots.

Taking advantage of voice search is possible by optimizing featured snippets and website content. It’s also important to understand that users often use voice search on their mobile devices for local search.


The number of downloads of game apps is growing every day. Therefore, game mechanics in ads, websites, and other places have become common practice for marketers.

Gamification helps specialists study the needs of target audiences, build connections, create demand, attract and retain customers, etc.

How can you apply this tool? A simple and popular way will be using gamified pop ups, purchase bonuses or accumulative discounts. Also, companies organize various quests and giveaways, use Instagram effects and AR filters, create polls in chatbots, etc.


Influencer marketing also continues to grow. All because consumers only want to buy products and services from people they trust.

Today, finding an influencer should not be a problem, however, to reach success, you will still need a well-thought-out strategy. Therefore, marketing experts consider your business goals, niche, cooperation type (advertising campaign, affiliate marketing, etc.), and your budget to choose the right influencer for your business. You might also consider small gifts or souvenirs for your employees, as it would be an excellent treat to keep the motivation of social marketing and other teams.

Online Events

Reviews, video conferences, online meetings, etc. help potential customers make their buying decision. Online events are beneficial since they allow you to communicate directly with your potential customers and collect more data about them. As for conferences, a lot of marketing experts choose Ex Ordo (abstract management software) for academic, scientific, medical conferences and research meetings.

Almost all niches and business segments can use online events. However, they too require preparation and a well-planned strategy for promotion. For example, marketers use online communities on forums, prepare and share work documents online, organize presales and giveaways, use social networks, video, and email marketing, SEO, work with affiliate programs, and so on.


SEO is perhaps the oldest digital marketing tool, the relevance of which is only increasing every year. In addition, it is also becoming more complex along with how search engine algorithms are getting smarter and more contextual. Therefore, marketers need to keep an eye on all the subtleties of SEO optimization.

Any business that wants to grow and get more traffic flows needs to take advantage of SEO. Doing it on your own can be quite challenging, thus, business owners turn to marketing experts who will study website statistics, analyze data, build a semantic core, structurize, and handle internal and external optimization. The website needs SEO, even if it only focuses on the delivery services of different types of goods and items.

More Impressions and Content Automation

Marketers are increasingly obsessed with making an impression on their target audiences so that their brands are discussed more on social networks.

In case they don’t succeed, they turn to artificial intelligence. With the help of such technology, marketing experts can find out what content their TA likes and, therefore, attract more attention.

Marketers use special software to automate manual processes in content marketing. This allows simplifying and speeding up content creation/distribution, marketing campaigns, lead generation, and tracking of results. And though content automation should be used with caution to avoid Google sanctions, it can save your time, increase creativity, improve your workflow, and increase the credibility of your brand without any human interventions.

Multi-Channel Marketing

Successful businesses have been using multiple channels to reach a larger audience for a long time. That’s why it’s important for any novice business to identify its primary and secondary channels, and for marketers – to think through effective strategies.

How can you take advantage of multi-channel marketing? Develop your tactics by considering the following steps:

  • Сollect customer data;
  • Choose your communication channels;
  • Identify your buyer persona and segment your customers;
  • Develop singular messaging for each group of customers;
  • Consider rules of each selected communication channel;
  • Use dynamic content;
  • Implement automation, optimize, and improve.

UGC (User Generated Content)

UGC helps gain the trust of the TA, improve the ranking of the brand in search engines, increase sales, save money, promote the company in low-frequency queries, improve support, encourage customers to advertise products/services, and more.

How do you use UGC? The easiest way is to ask your clients to write a review of your product/service. You can also create and run marketing campaigns with customer content, use it on your website or in newsletters.

Targeted Advertising

Targeted advertising delivers relevant messages to specific customers. The main advantages of this tool are that targeted ads run quickly and are only shown to people who are more likely to buy the product. Moreover, there’s also the ability to personalize messages.

How do you properly use targeted advertising? Target marketers define and set the right parameters for the audience – ads can be configured by age, interests, gender, geolocation, and more.

Social Media Marketing

These days people spend more time on social networks. Therefore, experts recommend paying attention to this area. Such marketing tactics will help your business achieve many goals, e.g. attract more traffic to the website, increase sales and brand recognition, build your brand image, and so on.

Before you run your marketing campaign on social networks, make sure you have a clear plan that includes your goals, needs, target audience, budget, and other nuances. These steps make an integral part of your SMM and event planning as a successful organization.


As you can see, in 2022, some trends overlap with each other forming a continuous connection. What’s the most important thing about it? Brands need to look toward agile marketing and learn how to respond quickly and apply current trends.

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