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Top 5 Cryptocurrency Profit Calculators You Should Know About
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Top 5 Cryptocurrency Profit Calculators You Should Know About


If you are a Crypto fanatic, you know why we use Cryptocurrency profit calculators! If you are new to the world of digital currency, then let us tell you that these calculators are absolutely necessary for calculating both the advantages as well as disadvantages involved in investing in Cryptocurrencies.

One of the most profitable methods of making virtual money in 2022, investing in Cryptocurrencies, has skyrocketed since its launch more than a decade ago in 2009. By the way, in addition to investing you can also try mining website hosting This will allow you to mine your own coins and not pay commissions to anyone.  Yes, the market has been home to several volatile fluctuations, but it is considered to be worth all the risks for most investors. As a new investor, you can keep up with Crypto news and read more on several Crypto trading platforms.

Keep reading to find out more about Crypto calculators and their subsequent relevance in 2022!

Cryptocurrency Profit Calculators: 5 Calculators You Should Know About:

Crypto calculators basically obtain data and information from different exchanges or wallets. Once the data has been retrieved, the calculator simply finds the profit, income, and even loss based on the collected information.

So without wasting any more time, scroll down and find the top five Crypto calculators in 2022!

1. Cryptomo:

Cryptomo is one calculator that helps users to find out how much they will make over time with their investments in Cryptocurrencies. For using the Cryptomo calculator, you will be required to enter the amount of your first investment that you would want to calculate in EUR or USD.

After that, simply choose the Cryptocurrency of your choice, accompanied by the purchase date. You’ll just need to click on the ‘calculate’ button to check out the investment fee as well as the coin price.

2. Mortagecalculator:

One of the easiest Crypto calculators out there, Mortagecalculator is known for how user-friendly the tool happens to be! Users using Mortagecalculator will be asked to put in their “Investment Amount” followed by their “initial coin price” – once users are done with these two fields, the next fields where you have to enter information are “Coin Selling Price” and “Investment Cost.”

The final results that you will obtain will display a number of things, such as,

  • the investment amount,
  • the investment fee,
  • the profit o loss,
  • the Crypto coins equal to the amount invested, and
  • the total amount.

Remember that while a green number is indicative of profit, the red number is indicative of loss.

3. is a great tool for calculating the amount of money you will make while you begin trading in Cryptocurrency by entering all the required values. The tool has been designed for the purpose of simulating trading positions, all of which are open as well as closed at different specific values.

Additionally, you can also find out about monetary yields accompanied by the total amount of

Pips lost or gained.

4. Easy Bitcoin Calculator:

What’s obvious from the name of this tool is that it can easily calculate Bitcoins, and Easy Bitcoin Calculator does exactly that! In fact, the Easy Bitcoin Calculator tool calculates profit and loss so fast that users love it for its speed and simplicity, considering the tool happens to be one of the easiest ways to check on your profits.

Users are only required to enter the total amount of Bitcoins that they purchased, as well as the sell and buy prices. Additionally, the tool allows users to also enter the transaction fees they have paid. This tool is easily available for Android users as an application and happens to be very user-friendly.


DQYDJ is an interesting Cryptocurrency profit calculator. It has the date of 17th July 2010 set at default, while the present date is always set as the date of yesterday. This basically means that the DQYDJ is one tool that cannot calculate the future earnings of Cryptocurrencies.

For determining the total investment value between two different dates, find out the investment amount, and enter both start and end dates, followed by a tick on the CPI button. You will get your results right next to the total return, annual return as well as a final grade.

And It’s A Wrap!

Now that you have a fair idea about the top Crypto profit calculators, what’s stopping you? Do your research and find out which calculator suits you. For Crypto veterans, you already know which ones suit you. If we have missed out on any easy-to-use, simple calculations, let us know about the same in the comments below.

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