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Smart Hacks To Build Brand Awareness Without Investing A Fortune
Blog / Marketing / Jan 27, 2021 / Posted by Jocelyne Nayet / 3015

Smart Hacks To Build Brand Awareness Without Investing A Fortune


The competitive business landscape makes it essential for brands to pay extra attention to generating awareness about themselves. But brand awareness sounds daunting, considering that you will need to beat a large number of rivals to achieve it. Still, it isn’t something that will always cost a fortune as you can manage it without burning a hole in your pocket. All you need to do is take the right approach and use effective strategies. Here are some smart hacks that can help you build brand awareness without making a massive investment.

Kill with online visibility

The most significant aspect of branding is online visibility because that’s where customers start searching for businesses. Being visible on top of search rankings gives you a definitive advantage. Experts at Outreachmonks emphasize the importance of search engine optimization for taking your website on the first page and sustaining its ranking there. Further, a strong social media presence goes a long way to getting you in front of the audience. You may also include paid advertising in your digital marketing campaigns if the budget permits.

Ask customers for positive reviews

You may not always have to spend thousands on advertising to promote your brand. Something as simple as positive words from customers can make an impact as people trust real people more than they trust brands. So seeking customer reviews is a great idea if you want to empower your brand with word-of-mouth recommendations from your loyal buyers. Most of them would be happy to do it without anything in return, though you may incentivize them with a special offer or discount. You may also request them to share referrals for your brand and reward them with a referral bonus in return.

Provide value to your customers

This one is a no-brainer as any brand that goes the extra mile for providing value to the customers will definitely win. Regarding delivering value, product, and service quality matters the most. In delivering exceptional value to customers, the quality of your product and service takes center stage. It’s a no-brainer that customers appreciate brands that go the extra mile in ensuring top-notch quality. Combined with the personalized touch of customized shipping mailer boxes, this commitment to excellence can leave a lasting positive impression on your customer base. Writing a blog adds to your value proposition because it shows your intention to empower the audience with useful information. Be available and accessible all the time when it comes to customer support. Follow them on social media and answer their queries and concerns proactively. These small steps can take you a long way in enhancing your brand awareness.

Consistency is the key

Apart from the aforementioned branding tactics that you can implement without massive investments, focus on delivering consistency. Modern businesses reach out to customers through multiple channels, so maintaining consistency across all of them makes your brand recognizable. Whether it is SEO, social media marketing, paid ads, or offline marketing- make sure that your brand looks the same everywhere. Maintain a consistent presence in terms of logo, design, and tone of voice.  One way of being consistent with your branding is by getting sleek customized packaging for your products. A brand’s product is important, but its packaging can make or break a customer’s first impression of it. A tacky generic packaging can turn people away, but unique product packaging that aces a business’s branding hooks their attention. A consolidated branding plan that covers all the channels will help you achieve consistency. You can check this out for the best eCommerce packaging:

It is clear that branding isn’t as expensive and challenging as you may imagine. Being selective about the measures you follow can help you achieve impressive results with minimal spending.

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