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Practical Guide On Choosing Medical Office Space Brokers And Realtors
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Practical Guide On Choosing Medical Office Space Brokers And Realtors


As you decide on which medical office space to sign a deal for, there are several factors you should consider when choosing a brokerage and or rental-realtor firm. We have spoken to experts and here’s what they have to say.

1. Location And Local Rental Expertise

Before anything else, your medical office space brokers must be highly knowledgeable about the local area. This isn’t merely about real estate and rental space knowledge. It’s about them having insider information on medical offices, which parts of the state thrive the most regarding the demand for the first, and vice versa.

Even more, locally connected brokers will have better resources and contacts when finding the most ideal medical rental space for your team’s operational needs. That, and within a shorter search period than without the guidance of said professionals.

If you have specific locations in mind and want details, your local broker will have no problem answering them. They will be able to tell you the pros and cons of each one.

2. Online Presence

Online presence is now a crucial variable that can make or break decisions of potential renters of medical spaces. According to recent statistics, nearly 50% of people looking for rental and/or real estate shops online first. Analysts predict these numbers will skyrocket this year and into the following decades.

For this reason, going for a brokerage firm with an up-and-running website, complete with essential details of their services and updated content, indirectly reflects how seriously they take their business.

To further this, it’s a very convenient means for you to have an overview of what kind of brokerage firm they run, how long they’ve been in the business, what areas in the city and/or state they operate in, what their company’s vision is, the list goes way on.

3. Medical Office Space Regulations

This is a must for the DC Medical Office Space Brokers you decide to entrust your rental-searching to— awareness and proficient knowledge regarding medical office space regulations.

Of course, it’s needless to say that you are to be well-acquainted with vital information, too. Being the medical practitioner yourself. However, each state has a different

Requirements for every medical office and/or practice category. It will significantly help to rely on a brokerage agency that is well-versed in what they are.

However, each state has different requirements for every medical office and/or practice category. To ensure compliance, especially in facility design, it’s beneficial to follow ADA handicap bathroom requirements by using bathroom partitions from This will not only aid in meeting state standards but also enhance accessibility for all patients.

4. Client Feedback And Reviews

Client feedback and reviews can be viewed online as well. A callback to what we’ve mentioned in number two above. Visit the agency’s page on client feedback and go over the reviews of their past and present clients.

Feedback and reviews are excellent approaches to gauging how well (or otherwise) they conduct transactions. These are callbacks so clients are satisfied with how business proceedings are/were carried out and concluded.

5. Customer Service

This quality is held high across all categories of brokerage transactions, and not merely in the medical sector. The scope of customer service isn’t limited to how cleanly they handle appointments and scheduling, though these are crucial. It’s also about communication.

Note that you and your team will constantly communicate with your broker/s. At least until you finally decide on the location you want to set up your practice in. This means that your brokers have to be very communicative with you, constantly updating you regarding the progress of your office space-hunting.

6. Negotiation

Finally, we have “negotiation” as a huge factor in why you should have a broker pave the way in looking for a medical office. We’ll be straightforward in saying that landlords for medical spaces do not charge lightly. Your broker can negotiate rates for you, especially if they’ve been working with numerous landlords in their business’s roster and/or history.

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