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Navigating DTC Growth in the Post-iOS 14 Era
Blog / Marketing / Aug 26, 2023 / Posted by Kyle Hoffman / 9

Navigating DTC Growth in the Post-iOS 14 Era


Insights from Kyle Hoffman at XenoPsi Ventures

In the dynamic landscape of digital commerce, the echoes of change reverberate far and wide. The advent of the post-iOS 14 era has ushered in a new chapter.  One that demands adaptability, innovation, and a reimagining of strategies. In an illuminating conversation, John Golden delves into the intricacies of this landscape with Kyle Hoffman.  An executive at XenoPsi Ventures. The dialogue unfolds, shedding light on the nuances of Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) businesses. The centrality of creativity, and the saga of Wellow. A compression sock brand that carved a distinctive path in the market.

The Quest for Growth in the DTC Sphere

As the DTC realm continues to evolve, the pursuit of growth emerges as a timeless anthem. The conversation takes flight, anchored by the question—how can DTC and e-commerce brands flourish amidst the tapestry of change and transformation?

The Wellow Journey: A Strategic Shift

In the annals of brand stories, the tale of Wellow, a compression sock brand, unfolds as a testament to strategic choices that define success. The narrative commences with the inception in 2020. A year that witnessed not only the birth of a brand but the genesis of a strategic approach. Kyle Hoffman, a guiding light in this narrative.  Casts light on the pivotal choice to champion a 100% DTC model via their website. This shift wasn’t devoid of challenges, particularly with the advent of iOS 14. Which wrested away the data-driven arsenal. This setback, however, engendered a paradigm shift—leading with creativity.

The Creative Imperative: A Path to Triumph

Creativity ascends as a cornerstone as the digital realm witnesses the recalibration of rules. Kyle’s insights offer a resounding anthem—focus on creativity. In the face of data loss and the shifting landscape, Wellow responded by unleashing an array of more than 20 ads a week. This inundation of creative initiatives served as the beacon that guided them through uncharted waters—a testimony to the pivotal role that creativity plays in today’s digital realm.

1Behavioral Science: A Keystone in the Wellow Narrative

Venturing beyond the realms of conventional strategies, Wellow harnessed behavioral science—a potent tool often underutilized. Kyle’s discourse unveils how they embraced behavioral science as a guiding compass. By aligning with scientific insights on consumer behavior, Wellow encapsulated a dimension of strategy that many overlook. This approach, rather than merely offering aesthetics, endeavored to create resonance through a profound understanding of how consumers engage and interact.

Customer Experience: A Lighthouse of Success

Amidst the evolution of strategies and technological shifts, one element remains steadfast—customer experience. Kyle’s perspective resonates—the significance of customer engagement and responsiveness is paramount, transcending industry and size. The emphasis on being an engaged, responsive entity echoes as a lighthouse of success—an instrument that can illuminate even the most uncharted waters.

A Glimpse of the Future: Growth and Lessons

As the conversation unfurls, Kyle offers a glimpse into the future. Function Growth, in their commitment to fostering DTC growth, extends an invitation to businesses in the $5-25 million range to seek guidance and partnership. The horizon holds the promise of growth, collaboration, and transformative results.

The Echoes of Wellow: A Surprising Market and Beyond

Within Kyle’s insights lies a revelation that underscores the element of surprise—the compression sock market. The profound resonance of this revelation encapsulates the essence of business—discovering niches that are often hidden beneath the surface. As the dialogue concludes, the reverberations of Kyle’s journey linger—an anthem that beckons entrepreneurs and businesses to harness creativity, behavioral science, and the power of customer experience.

In the post-iOS 14 era, the tapestry of DTC growth unfolds as a symphony of adaptability, innovation, and resonance. The lessons gleaned from Wellow’s narrative and Kyle’s insights form a compass—a guide that navigates the challenges and opportunities that characterize the digital frontier. As businesses tread forth, Kyle’s words resound—a reminder to embrace creativity, forge connections, and unearth the potential that lies within the uncharted waters of DTC growth.

About Author

As an executive at XenoPsi Ventures, Kyle sits on the leadership team for two portfolio companies - Function Growth and Wellow. He runs the strategy department at Function Growth and operates as CMO for Wellow. Function Growth and Xenopsi Ventures specialize in using behavioral science to drive growth for their clients. Wellow, on track to profitably exceed $20M in its second year as a business, is a unique substantiation to the tactics that Function Growth uses to scale brands.


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