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Mixing Sport and Business – Starting a Business around the Sport You Love
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Mixing Sport and Business – Starting a Business around the Sport You Love


Football and sport are your passion, but have you ever thought about starting a business based around the sports that you love? A sports-based business could give you the change of pace and change in lifestyle that you crave. Mixing your passion and running your own business could give you a better balance between work and life, so where should you start?

Taking the Plunge and Starting a Business

Starting a business can sound scary, but once you have taken the plunge you will wish that you had done it sooner. Working for yourself and following your passion will give you a sense of pride and a sense of fulfillment. The joy you get out of running a business can be matched to the joy you get when your team scores or wins. Of course, in business just as in sport there will be ups and downs. However, if you take it all in your stride and you start a business in an area that you love and are passionate about, you will find that you enjoy each working day that little bit more.

Following Your Passion

When you are launching and growing a business, you need to be passionate about what you are doing. If you are not enthusiastic and passionate, you will struggle to overcome any obstacles or hurdles that may come your way. Of course, there will be days when you will question what you are doing and this is why you need to follow your passion. When you have passion and enthusiasm about what you are doing, you will find it a lot easier and more enjoyable. So, what are your true passions and how can you integrate them into a business idea? What type of business could you start around football or even around sport in general?

Returning to Education

There is so much to learn about starting and running a business that it would be foolish to just jump in and hope for the best. Running a business, and even getting it out off the ground requires time, dedication, funding, and effort. Focusing on your education in the early stages of starting and running a business will ensure that you get the most out of your business, and (most importantly) the best out of yourself. Getting an MBA online in Canada will help you broaden your knowledge about running a business, and it will ensure that you get your business off to the right start. A Masters in Business Administration will deepen your knowledge, acumen, and awareness of what it takes to make a business successful.

Spotting the Gaps and the Opportunities

When you start a business, it is no good just trying to launch any type of business, just because you think it will work. You need to fill a gap in the market, you need to spot an opportunity, and, most importantly, you need to make those gaps and opportunities work for you. So, just how can you find opportunities? Well, to begin with, you need to look at what fans, followers, and lovers of sport are asking for. At grass roots you can find out a lot, so start talking to other fans! Asking fans what they want and what they are missing is a good place to find gaps and opportunities for a business.

Researching Opportunities and Ideas

Once you have spotted gaps and opportunities, you next need to begin researching their potential. Conducting both primary and secondary research will be beneficial in helping you move forwards and will ensure that the opportunity or idea that you pursue has potential for growth and the potential to succeed. If you do not fully research ideas and opportunities, then you risk wasting time and money, so invest in good research and, where necessary, get others on board to assist you. Spending time and energy on research now will save you time later down the line.

Creating a Business Plan

Now that you have your research laid out in front of you, it is time to put it to good use and create a business plan. You now know what you want to do and why, and importantly you also know there is a market for your idea as you have done your research. Putting everything together in a neat and tidy business plan is simply one of the last (but most essential) things you need to work on. A business plan is not something that is set in stone and should be seen as something fluid that can help keep you on track in the first few months and years of your new business.

Launching Your New Business

All of the background work has been completed. You have your Masters, so you have your knowledge and awareness, and you have a business plan written and ready to go. Now, it is time to establish just when you will be launching your business. Setting a time and a date for your business launch is crucial, as this signals to others you are up running and ready.

Seeking Support and Assistance

You do not have to do everything all by yourself, just because you are running your own business. Seeking and accepting guidance or assistance is positive. At any stage in your startup, and even beyond, you could look at getting a mentor on board with your business. A mentor will have industry knowledge and experience, and this could help you navigate those first few months or years in business, which could really help you find your stance in your industry.

Networking and Building Your Contacts

Sometimes it really helps to know people from all walks of life. Networking and building up your contacts will be beneficial to your business, both in those early days and further down the line. So as soon as you can, you need to focus on building relationships and building foundations with key contacts, industry bodies, and others who can have an influence on your business and your customers.

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