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Mastering B2B Sales: Unveiling Strategies and Blind Spots
Blog / Marketing / Sep 2, 2023 / Posted by Lisa J. Smith / 41

Mastering B2B Sales: Unveiling Strategies and Blind Spots


In the ever-evolving landscape of business, the symphony of success hinges on an orchestrated dance between strategies and adaptability. Amidst the hustle and bustle, the realm of B2B sales stands as a linchpin. Bridging transactions with relationships. In a thought-provoking conversation, I had the privilege of engaging with Lisa J. Smith, the astute CEO and Founder of SmithCo—a sales consulting firm dedicated to empowering modern mid-size B2B businesses. This article unfurls the tapestry of insights woven by Lisa, as we traverse the contours of B2B sales strategies, uncharted pitfalls, and the art of building a business amid a pandemic storm.

Navigating the Labyrinth of B2B Sales

In a world perpetually swept by change, the intricacies of B2B sales have assumed a new dimension. The episode opens with a resonance that reverberates across boardrooms. The feeling of wrestling with a sales funnel seems to falter amidst the relentless tempo of modern business. The conversation with Lisa J. Smith, the visionary mind behind SmithCo, serves as a compass guiding businesses toward strategies that resonate in this dynamic milieu.

A Journey Beyond the Norm: Launching SmithCo During a Pandemic

Lisa’s journey, marked by the birth of SmithCo during the throes of the COVID-19 pandemic, stands as a testament to resilience and adaptability. The narrative unfolds as Lisa shares her experience of propelling her business virtually and achieving six figures in its inaugural year. A profound realization dawns—adaptability isn’t just an asset; it’s the backbone of survival in the current business landscape.

Blind Spots and Detours in the Sales Funnel

Lisa casts a spotlight on the treacherous blind spots lurking within sales funnels—the labyrinthine corridors where growth often meets obstruction. The first pitfall—an absence of a defined sales process—serves as a cautionary tale. The lack of a structured pathway can lead to floundering efforts and missed opportunities. The second blind spot—targeting the wrong prospects—accentuates the significance of precision in prospect identification. Understanding the intricacies of one’s ideal customer profile can be the fulcrum that tilts the balance toward success.

Follow-up: The Heartbeat of the Sales Pipeline

Within the tapestry of B2B sales, the symphony of follow-up reverberates as a pulsating rhythm. Lisa expounds on the art of nurturing leads, translating conversations into conversions through tenacious follow-up. The undercurrent here is not just persistence, but an intimate understanding of timing, the nuances of communication, and the delicate dance between human psychology and the sales process.

Human Touch in an Automated World: A Balancing Act

While automation is the cornerstone of modern efficiency, Lisa’s insights offer a poignant reminder—the domain of sales transcends the mechanistic. Emotions, psychology, and human nuances cradle every transaction. Automation, while a powerful tool, can often lack the finesse of human intuition. The irreplaceable warmth of human interaction can be overlooked by the algorithms and scripts that power automation.

From Accountability to Customer Experience: Building Blocks of Success

The conversation unfurls the essence of two pivotal elements—accountability and customer experience. Lisa’s perspective aligns with the heartbeat of modern business—the intertwining of accountability and actionability. The virtuous cycle begins with accountability, radiating outward to engender action, commitment, and transformative results. And at the summit of the business pinnacle stands the customer experience—the zenith that embodies the core values, empathy, and resonance that characterize successful ventures.

The Beacon of Lisa’s Offer: Empowering Success

The episode concludes with a beacon of opportunity extended by Lisa—a 30-minute consultation call, a rendezvous with insights and empowerment. This offering underscores Lisa’s commitment to catalyzing success for businesses navigating the labyrinth of sales. Whether through the SmithCo website or social media avenues, this free consultation acts as a bridge to enhancing sales strategies, fortifying sales funnels, and steering businesses toward transformation.

A Resounding Anthem: Sales as a Quest for Empathy

In Lisa’s own words, “Sales is not about selling something. It’s about helping someone buy something.” This poignant declaration resonates as a mantra for businesses seeking to realign their sales paradigms. Lisa’s insights echo as a guidebook—a beacon that beckons toward improved sales funnels, enriched customer experiences, and a renewed outlook on the very essence of sales.

The echoes of Lisa’s wisdom resonate. The world of B2B sales is not merely a journey of transactions; it’s an odyssey of empathy, strategy, and connection. As businesses navigate the ever-evolving landscape. Lisa’s insights serve as a compass—a guide to elevate sales approaches, forge meaningful connections, and script narratives of success.

About Author

Lisa J. Smith is the CEO and founder of SMITH co., a sales consulting firm focused on modern midsize B2B businesses. A dynamic public speaker and natural trainer, she has presented for multiple audiences in various industries across three decades. Having spent 30 years selling B2B services in every economic environment imaginable, Lisa has gained a multitude of diverse experiences and improved the financial situation of countless organizations. She is trained in design thinking, finance, business strategy, sales, advertising, and marketing. These skills allow her to spot and reveal the blind spots most B2B companies encounter in their sales funnel.


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