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How to Monetize Your Youtube Channel: Two Ways and One Thing You Need For That
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How to Monetize Your Youtube Channel: Two Ways and One Thing You Need For That


Youtube can become a whole career for a person who’s looking for ways to work online – it doesn’t matter what type of channel you want to run here, you can easily monetize your content by using two simple ways. First one is Youtube’s partnership that is offered for the bigger channels: the platform pays people who are able to gather enough views under each one of their videos. Youtube puts ads at the beginning and sometimes in the middle of the videos to make people watch them and buy products in them – brands and companies are paying Youtube, and Youtube is paying to the creator of the video. Easy as that, everybody is content with what is happening.

The second way takes a little bit more effort from the creator of the video, but it can help you make some money off your content even if you don’t have a thousand views under each of your videos. You can cooperate with the brands and the companies that look for micro influencers – yes, this is a thing and those are highly requested by the brands that are interested in local and small communities with certain interests. This way of monetization can help you make money even if you have several hundreds of subs on your account. And that’s an okay situation that many bloggers on Youtube are very happy with – you can easily become one of them. That is clear; but how do you gain those hundreds of subs or thousands of views? Keep on reading!

It’s easy: you need to buy Youtube views. But aren’t those fake and dangerous? Well, depends; if you’re working with a decent company that’s shipping real views to their clients, things are going to go well and smoothly. But if you’d choose to purchase fake plays from a company that sells them using bots and almost for free, you’re going to get into trouble without any doubt. But how and why? Youtube’s algorithms are getting smarter every second, and today they can easily see if your channel is being visited by fake pages only; and if they see that, they are going to perceive your page as the fake one as well. And from that moment and on, your content isn’t going to be recommended to real people, only to the same fakes that we’re delivering you views. This situation is very hard to get out of, so you should try to avoid it at all costs.

So if you’re buying, buy real Youtube views and check twice where you’re purchasing them and what are the conditions that this website offers. This is surely not the only way of promotion, but it is definitely the most popular, the most inexpensive, and the most efficient one all at the same time. This is a rare combination of parameters, which is why we’re sure that it suits many people and it can help content creators with very different aims to reach those aims in the shortest time period.

Is it done after you’ve bought the plays? Well, no: the work only starts here. You should put all of your time, effort, and creativity into making people stay now. The audience might not be that hard to gather, but it is very hard to make them loyal to you and always interested in what you’re posting. We’d say that authenticity and sincerity are keys, but it very much depends on what type of stuff you’re going to do on Youtube. In general, staying in touch with your people helps a lot; they can give you helpful pieces of advice on what you should do next so they would gladly watch it, and they can also give you ideas on what to do with your channel in general. Sometimes people who watch certain channels ask to create a certain product or service if they see that a person is talented and can fulfill that task. Youtube is a field for endless creativity, and you should use every chance that you’re getting to explore your opportunities and possibilities there.

So now you know two decent ways of monetizing your profile and you can easily choose your own road and start a career on this social media platform. Think ahead of what you’re going to post, do and buy, and try to make things as organic as possible – don’t rush it, sit down and analyze every step. Huge and popular bloggers whom you like so much have done the same to be where they are right now, so if they can, you can do it as well. Good luck!

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