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Gaming mouse, pad, and a powerful PC: the key elements of being the best in CS: GO
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Gaming mouse, pad, and a powerful PC: the key elements of being the best in CS: GO


Professional Hardware for CS: GO

Counter-Strike is a famous cyber-sport discipline that features popular tournaments and impressive financial rewards. If you want to compete on a professional level or start training for the major league, you will need the respective equipment. Professional athletes use the most qualitative gear to achieve their goals. Even the most trained runner cannot beat the record without good shoes; a professional boxer would not use amateur boxing gloves.

A pro needs a gaming mouse, a mousepad, and a powerful PC, for Cyberport in general and CS: GO in particular.

Gaming mice differ from regular ones by higher sensitivity, a larger number of buttons on them, and deep personalization, which allows reaching maximum efficiency in gaming. The best gaming mouse pad contributes to mouse efficiency too. CS: GO tests the player’s reflexes and ability to quickly aim at the opponent. Only a mouse with programmable sensitivity will allow you to synchronize your playstyle and the game’s movement. Gaming mice by Razer, Corsair, and Logitech prove themselves useful in CS: GO. Search for the anatomical design and programmable sensitivity. CS: GO does not utilize extra buttons; so, you don’t need additional macros to be more efficient. The RGB lighting is up to your taste. However, a gaming mouse is only a part of a deal. You will need a decent mousepad to maximize the mouse’s output. A lot of professional gamers prefer low sensitivity in gaming mice. Sensitivity is a purely personal choice; so, you don’t have to play with low sensitivity if you don’t find it comfortable. Still, low sensitivity makes it easier to land flick-shots, with the respective level of skills, of course. Low sensitivity and the necessity to land flick-shots require a really big mouse pad. You may spend a lot of time trying to find the best gaming mouse pads, but you should keep in mind that the best mouse pad is the mouse pad that fits you personally.

Finding the best gaming mouse pad may be called art at some point. The mouse pad should fit on your desk, should not slide under the intense moves, and don’t deform. You may look closer at GGLTECK and Innoplus mouse pads. These products fit the most necessary criteria of a decent mouse pad. There are other alternatives from Corsair and Razer that may join the competition. However, in terms of decent gaming mouse pads, you may overprice for the brand name. Therefore, make your choice according to the overall budget.


Last but not least is a powerful rig to run the game. CS: GO will change a dozen years soon; therefore, even the average modern Pc would run the game without any issues. Still, you need to have a powerful processor to run the game without trouble. In terms of graphics, you may save money on a video card. CS: GO does not have many visual effects, and its detailing is on an acceptable but not the greatest level. Besides, as a rule of thumb, cyber-sportsmen play at the lowest graphical settings possible to maximize the performance even with a powerful Pc.

Another vital component for competition in CS: GO is a good gaming monitor. It should have a high refresh rate and high resolution to show each detail on the screen. Usually, it is a matter of split-second between the win the lost in an intense match. Therefore, high detailing and a high refresh rate will provide the sharpest image, which will give you an edge in the battle.

History of Counter-Strike

Counter-Strike is more than a simple game. It is the world’s phenomenon that captured the souls of millions of gamers all over the world. Still, Counter-Strike brings intense online-battles for more than three generations of gamers. There were a lot of CS clones, imitators, and games that took direct inspiration from Counter-Strike, but none of them could surpass the original.

It is ironic that CS itself is a modification for another FPS hit – Half-Life. The original Half-Life was released in 1998, and the original Counter-Strike followed the year after, in 1999. However, the true appearance of Counter-Strike was in 2000 when the fan’s modification became a stand-alone game. Counter-Strike 1.6 became one of the first computer games that players of the 90s did experience. There were different further versions, with better graphics and balance calibrations. There was even a single-player Counter-Strike game with the subtitle “Zero.” The latest version of the game, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, or CS: GO for short, saw the world in 2012. It inherited the best features of its predecessors and presented the ultimate Counter-Strike experience for gamers. CS: GO remains one of the most popular cyber-sport disciplines and one of the most popular games in general.

Counter-Strike Gameplay

It is easy to describe the core Counter-Strike gameplay: there are two teams, terrorists and counter-terrorists. They compete over different objectives such as planting a bomb, rescuing the hostages, or simply eliminating another team. The squads take the offensive or defensive side; a match lasts for 15 rounds. In the middle of the game, the teams switch sides. Therefore, each player will have a chance to play as a counter-terrorist and a terrorist.

Each team has a wide variety of guns, grenades, armor, and tools for offense and defense. For example, the most-popular terrorist weapon is Ak-47, and counter-terrorists defining weapon is the M16 carabiner. Besides, terrorists may carry a bomb to plant, in certain maps, while counter-terrorists have defusing tools to speed-up the bomb’s disarmament. However, the main aim of the game is to shoot better than your opponent. Good hardware will help you in this task like nothing else. As well as the periphery, such as the best gaming mouse pad.

The most important tip

The most valuable asset for being the best in CS: GO is your skill. No rig and no gaming mouse would teach you how to aim and how to shoot. A powerful Pc and decent hardware will give you solid ground, but you should learn the game from your mistakes personally.

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