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Facebook or Instagram Marketing for Brand Promotion: Which is Better?
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Facebook or Instagram Marketing for Brand Promotion: Which is Better?


As traditional marketing has eventually yielded to the digital dimension over the last decade, whip-smart entrepreneurs began avidly grasping the nettle of online sales. The advanced superhighway offers brands an abundance of innovative and unprecedented opportunities for capturing the fussy customer of today, promoting their products more effectively and professionally. Yes, upon a request like “write my paper for me,” the “intelligent” web will right away offer search results featuring the brands that are powered by one of these giant platforms. Social media marketing, the refined and arguably unsurpassable avenue for beating the drum for a modern business, is the ultimate tool for a contemporary marketer to hit it big in their brand promotion.

Facebook versus Instagram: Heated Rivalry

The two giants of social networking, Facebook and Instagram won’t stop sparking controversy and dispute over their supremacy regarding digital marketing. Today’s online entrepreneurs are balancing their promotional campaigns between these two leading media platforms, puzzled about which one they should give their ultimate preference to.

Having established itself as the most popular and profitable social media channel for leading a virtual life, Facebook, one the one hand, attracts businesses with its highly advertisement-friendly interface. Instagram, the most convenient and hippest media platform for sharing a user’s real-life experiences, on the other hand, has made its way to marketers’ sensible hearts with its unique feature of promoting products through pictures.

Given the excellence of these two social media channels, let’s find out which one is best to utilize for your brand promotion, or if it’s true to view them as equal in terms of the benefits they provide for your marketing campaign. Further in this article, we’ll analyze Facebook and Instagram based on the key factors of their performance that can benefit your web business.



The aspect of reach is one of the paramount touchstones of a social media network’s reputability. Facebook remains an insurmountable social media platform when it comes to this critical aspect. Based on the many researches carried out by the web’s top analytical services, this social media channel boasts 2.2 billion active users on a monthly basis. A pretty compelling factor to consider for the success of your e-commerce marketing campaign, isn’t it?


Compared to Facebook’s skyrocketing rates in its reach, Instagram drags behind a little with regard to this aspect. Monthly, this social networking site features over 800 million users with about 80% being users outside the United States.



This is where the winner of the previous “contest” loses to its competitor. Yes, Instagram’s engagement is far more impressive and powerful than that of Facebook. According to analytics, Insta users post over 95 million pictures and videos. And this content is reported to gather nearly 4.2 million likes a day.


With the millions of Facebook’s captivating business pages being its main key user attraction, it still is inferior to its rival when it comes to user engagement. It’s not a new trend to buy likes to get the desired engagement. However, Only 32% of the network’s users engage with its brand pages, leaving comments and pressing “likes.” The same is with the other, more interactive type of Facebook pages — they fail to bring this social media site the engagement “fame” that Instagram possesses.


Facebook vs. Instagram

Back on top! Arguably and unsurprisingly, Facebook has a much wider audience than Instagram, which stems from the contrasting functionality of these two platforms. Fun-inspired and largely teen-oriented Instagram provides users with the medium for letting the world know what they had for breakfast today or how amazing was the street performer they spotted on their way to college.

The more “bossy” and temperate Facebook, in addition to these catchy opportunities, gives users a more varied and broad spectrum of functions and features for interacting with the networking-powered world. Moreover, while Instagram, as was mentioned just a few lines ago, is targeted mostly on adolescents, Facebook’s unrestrained functionality appeals to users of diverse age categories.

Facebook or Instagram, Then?

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FR ELLAH commented...

I do prefer Facebook Marketing for Brand Promotion. Its reach, engagement, Audience and flexibility makes it a more obvious choice.


Akindahunsi Tolulope commented...

Facebook marketing is preferable.
Thanks for this.

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