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Effective Tips for a New Cryptocurrency Trader
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Effective Tips for a New Cryptocurrency Trader


Cryptocurrency is one of the newer trading assets. These are digital currencies, and there are many representations in circulation in the current trading market. This currency has certainly gained traction in terms of interest and subscription over the last decade or so, and there has been a lot of value sporadically. Though the climate remains a turbulent thing subject to heavy fluctuations when it comes to price, interest, and availability, having a cryptocurrency in a trading portfolio can be valuable, nevertheless. So, if you are seeking out new investment opportunities and want to explore cryptocurrency as an option, here are some effective tips for a newbie on the scene.

Choosing a Currency to Invest In

There are 12,000 types of cryptocurrencies to explore for investors. Though of these 12,000, only a handful provide tangible investment opportunities. The reasons for this are varied, though it is largely down to what is considered a risk, which currency types are established, and what their worth is in relation to the wider world economies. New currencies are popping into existence at a consistent rate but the majority of these are only worth something to the person who created them. Therefore, as an investor diving into this world, it is imperative to pick and choose wisely to avoid tanking your funds entirely. The top tips for ascertaining validity are as follows:

  • Knowing exactly how long it has existed
  • What the live charts represent about prices and fluctuations
  • User reviews and trading potential
  • Whether or not it exists on a legitimate trading platform
  • How conversion rates shape up in the big picture

Below are some examples of well-known varieties to explore as a new person in the game.

Ethereum and Ether

Ethereum has gained a lot of interest because of its variety of purposes. Not just a digital currency, this asset is actually a decentralized network as well which makes it entirely versatile. The term Ether is used to describe the currency aspect of this system, and you can follow Ethereum live price charts to see just exactly how the value chops and changes. It has become, behind bitcoin, one of the most recognized and valuable digital currencies and networks to exist in this remit. It differs from blockchain in significant ways. Not only is it faster to be processed on the blockchain, but it is also a wider entity unto itself that encompasses utility-based applications for the user.


Second on the list is Bitcoin, arguably the original digital currency that first changed the world as we know it. Like every crypto coin variety, bitcoin has seen a turbulent market over the course of its existence. It feels like a safe avenue to explore for a new person on the scene because it is one of the more established formats.


Dogecoin is an example of modern times taking an intriguing twist. Originally intended as a gimmick, dogecoin went on to become an established trading asset. When crypto first came about, traders and industry specialists were highly skeptical. A digital currency that intended to take over from legal tender was seen as something impossible. While this still has yet to happen, cryptocurrency is exceeding the expectations of the masses because people actually went along with it and invested to help it grow. Dogecoin was born from the notion that digital currencies were unreliable and could never deliver what they intended. It was a joke of sorts that took off and grew traction that the creators never dreamt of.

So, there you have three stark contrast examples of what crypto has to offer investors. Each one is valued differently, with bitcoin and ether being the leaders and dogecoin lagging far behind. When investing for the first time, it is important to have a reason why and understand what could happen to your money too.

Set Your Budget

Budgets are the most valuable tool to have in your pocket as an investor in any platform. Determine exactly how much money you are willing to let go to this particular avenue. As a beginner, it is recommended to start small with your initial down payment to mitigate the risk. Remember above all else that prices tank more regularly than any other digital asset, therefore, you have to be clear with yourself that any financial stake you give up may be lost. Some people do manage to strike metaphorical gold and see significant profit, but as things currently stand, this is the minority, not the majority.

Pick a Wallet

If you are going to buy digital currency, you are going to need a place to store it. This comes in the form of a digital wallet. You have two choices in this area, either a hot wallet or a cold one. Hot wallets exist online and require a network connection to function. This carries a risk in that they are vulnerable to cyber-attacks and, therefore, you could lose everything if a hacker gains access. Cold wallets are usually stored on external storage devices like USB pens and therefore carry less risk in this context. However, there is a chance that it will be misplaced or stolen too. These can be accessed through legitimate trading platforms, and this is the best way for beginners to get started because they are more reliable and easier to navigate.

Determine Your Trading Style

Every online trader needs to have a strategy. It is not the sort of arena where you can amble aimlessly. There has to be a clear trajectory and a real strategy in the making to find success and see a profit. You may choose to be a passive trader that holds on tight to any investments and waits to see what the market does. Or a scalper that actively chases smaller style trades over the course of a day. Each avenue has potential. Scalpers tend to see a more immediate return because you are not sitting on anything, instead constantly moving and gaining traction in what you do.

For a new crypto trader, there are endless possibilities. You have to know the market inside out so get to grips with the terminology, platforms, and live updates wherever possible to give yourself an optimum chance of success.

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