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8 Common Challenges Life Sciences Marketers Face and How to Overcome It
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8 Common Challenges Life Sciences Marketers Face and How to Overcome It


The Life Sciences industry is relevant to various sectors, making it a multi-faceted field. But it also means that there is fierce competition in the industry.

And it is not just because there are various companies in the Life Sciences industry. It is also because these businesses have to follow stringent regulations, especially in marketing.

If you want to leverage your marketing skills in the Life Sciences industry, here are eight common challenges that you need to overcome:

Marketing Complex Products and Services in a Compelling Way

Developing persuasive messaging in the B2B industry is already tough. How much if you add in science from a field niche, with a lot of jargon.

Always remind yourself that an actual person is purchasing from you.

The solution here is to focus on storytelling and not just the specs of your products. It would help if you created communications revolving around your products and services.

This means that you should develop a narrative that tells your brand story and persuading buyers to buy from you.

Overcoming Missing In-house Skill Sets

A marketing team working in the Life Sciences industry should have diverse skill sets and expertise. This includes data analysis, project management, copywriting, and more.

You’d often find that some of your team members do not possess this kind of expertise yet. You’d also find that some of these skills are only needed transiently, which doesn’t require a full-time position.

Although you can train your staff to fill in these gaps or hire employees, these solutions can often be expensive, if not time-consuming.

That’s where outsourcing professionals who will help you with these tasks can be beneficial.

Increasing Generated Qualified Leads

Is your sales team always placing pressure on your marketing team to produce high-quality leads?

Do you often struggle to keep up? Well, poor lead nurturing and generation often leads to gaps in your overall marketing strategy.

You can work with a specialist marketing agency to help you fill these gaps. Also, look for ways to overcome them. You may also need to enhance the quality and the number of leads that you generate.

Leveraging Modern Technologies to Boost Marketing Efforts

We are lucky to live in this digital and hyper-connected era. And because of these technological advancements, we can boost our marketing efforts whether we are in the Life Sciences industry or not.

This includes streamlining marketing processes and measuring campaign success. A great example would be using email marketing platforms to nurture your leads and retain existing clients. As a result, you get to optimize the company’s marketing budget.

But this also means that you should be up to date with the latest digital marketing tools and trends. That way, you will know how to best leverage your existing platforms and cut costs where needed.

Smartphones, the internet, and other digital devices have become an integral part of people’s lives. You need to create some digital presence online. Social media sites like Facebook can be excellent platforms for connecting and having conversations with your target market.

Marketing and Government Regulations

The materials that are often required in the industry often require special regulations. Hence, Biospring Partners co-founder and Life Sciences expert Michelle Dipp emphasizes the need to adapt to the ever-changing requirements.

The Life Sciences industry is complex and vigorous, with many risk and regulatory environments. This is to ensure the health, safety, and protection of patients.

You also need to implement transparency when it comes to the quality of the clinical trials. The same thing goes for the manufacturing and commercialization of products.

The safety protocols for devices and drugs have also become increasingly tight. And often, these strict regulations can limit how Life Sciences marketers can promote products.

Entering a New Market Segment

Many growing businesses have to look through entering new markets.

Having extensive market research is vital to ensure that you have the best shot as your competitors as you carve out your industry position.

Effectively Using Your Customer’s Voice to Provide More Credibility From a Third Party

In an era where prospects research other people’s opinion first before deciding to purchase a product, tapping into third-party testimonials can be an indispensable marketing tool.

Luckily, there are marketing tactics that you can implement to generate positive reviews for your products.

Creating Content That Isn’t Boring

Even with excellent writing, technical terms can sometimes be a little mundane.

Equipment and marketing often don’t have that “wow” factor, making the content creation process a somewhat uphill battle.

But with content marketing as the forefront of many B2B companies’ strategies, there’s always the pressure of continually churning blog posts, videos, and images.

So, to get the best results, seek out a professional writer in your field who has some level of experience or knowledge about the Life Sciences sector.

They should know about the basics so that they can write more accurately than a generic copywriter. Making crucial mistakes along the way are much lower as well.

A marketing writer who’s knowledgeable in the Life Sciences industry can help you with the following:

  • Blogging
  • Website copywriting
  • Whitepapers
  • Press releases
  • Testimonials
  • Editing
  • Development of proposals
  • Ghostwriting on behalf of technical experts

Final Thoughts

The Life Sciences industry is undoubtedly a lot more challenging, especially when it comes to marketing.

Nonetheless, your marketing approach should align with the company’s overall business goals. It is also imperative that your tactics are reflective of their voice and tone. Doing so ensures branding consistency without disregarding government regulations.

However, this is made possible by having the right marketing tools and an excellent marketing team. That way, you can implement your marketing strategies without hassle.

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