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Cannabis Customer Experience- Make Your Business A Winner
Blog / Marketing / Sep 10, 2020 / Posted by Jocelyne Nayet / 1160

Cannabis Customer Experience- Make Your Business A Winner


Buying cannabis is much more than going through products and prices at a dispensary or an online store. Rather, it is all about the customer experience that you can provide to the visitor so that they leave only after completing the transaction and come back again. When it comes to creating an ideal customer experience, you need to cover them on all fronts- products, services, support, and interactions. Every single element should be amazing enough to ensure that you don’t miss out on the opportunity to increase sales and loyalty. Here are the CX strategies that you can implement to make your business a winner.

Build brand awareness

The cannabis landscape is highly competitive and you will probably have several local dispensaries and online stores around. The only way to stand apart is by building awareness for your brand. First things first, you will require a brand identity that is consistent across offline and online channels. The consumers should be able to recognize you, whether they see your sign on a billboard or browse through your website. Be present at the key niche events and engage in public forums where potential buyers can see your brand and connect with you.

Be discoverable

Just having a brand presence wouldn’t have you covered because consumers are prone to forgetting brands when there are so many options available to them. The idea is to be discoverable, which is possible only with a comprehensive marketing plan. You can go through this useful canna marketing guide to understand which strategies work the best in this domain. It highlights the mix of traditional and innovative tactics that address the specific challenge of the industry and get you effective results.

Build trust for your brand

Trust is a vital element of customer experience, so you cannot go slack with it. Building trust with your potential customer is all about showing them the value of your offering. This is possible only if you deliver quality services and support along with the best products. Buying cannabis can be an intimidating journey for the beginners, and having a helpful guide through the shopping experience can make people confident about the purchase and consumption of the product. Once they trust you enough, you can expect them to be back again.

Advocate for the buyer’s needs

Whether you deal with a first-timer or a seasoned weed user, don’t assume that they know what they want to buy. Even regular users may be confused about trying a new strain of marijuana or using an alternative method of consumption. Be there to educate and guide them and answer all their questions. Safety would be the biggest concern for new users and people switching to a different product. Brushing up your knowledge of the strains and benefits of the products can enable you to help the customers and enhance their experience.

Great customer experience should go beyond the current transaction; rather it should also focus on getting the buyer back for more. Going the extra mile today will surely do the trick.

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