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Best Creative Campaigns You Can Come Up with to Increase Brand Awareness
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Best Creative Campaigns You Can Come Up with to Increase Brand Awareness

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As an entrepreneur, you want your brand or products to be a household name among your customers. Well, getting to this point isn’t easy. It requires you to invest in a creative brand awareness campaign. That way you can expand your reach and grow your business.

Creative campaigns include both online and offline strategies to make sure that your brand aligns perfectly not only in social media but also in real life. How it is done depends on your brand strategy, your goals, the way you want to position your brand behind your customer, and much more. One thing is sure: in order to depict your brand in an unforgettable way, you must get creative but also make sure that you don’t impose your brand on customers. One of the most creative ways of these campaigns is branded food trucks in New York, which take your brand on wheels and get it where your customers are. People will always have positive emotional connotations with your brand if they experience it in an unusual and interesting way.

For example, when buying a tissue, do you ask for a tissue or Kleenex? Or maybe when ordering a cold drink, do you ask for a soda or a coke? In most cases, you will ask for coke and Kleenex.

The two products – coke and Kleenex – are known as proprietary eponyms. They are at the apex of their brand awareness campaign. With popularity, they have replaced generic terms for similar and competing products in the market.

Most entrepreneurs would love their products to be proprietary eponyms. Obviously, it takes time and effort. Although you may not get here, it doesn’t mean you cannot do anything to boost brand awareness. Select an effective campaign strategy that works for your firm and implement it. Here are a few examples of some of the best brand awareness campaigns.

  1. Sprites Snapchat Campaign in Brazil

Unlike the parent Coca-Cola Company, Sprite has a young target audience in Brazil. To engage their generation-Z customers, Sprite decided to use Snapchat as their campaign medium. Through this, Sprite shared exclusive content to its customers on the platform. Well, no one in the Generation-Z wants to be left out, and considering the content stays on the platform for a day, there was a surge inactivity.

Well, you’re probably asking, how did this campaign work? Sprite printed Snapchat codes for celebrities and regular users as QR codes on their cans. The campaign was a success with Sprite generating over 2 million views on its Snapchat account in 48 hours. More than 500 people submitted their Snapchat profile codes to Snapchat for a chance to appear on the cans.

  1. Coca-Cola allows for international calls from a PCO booth

Coca-Cola products are a household name in the soft drinks industry. That’s because of its creative brand awareness campaigns. In the recent past, it allowed workers in the United Arab Emirates to make three minutes of international calls using bottle caps.

You see, a significant portion of UAE’s population comprises blue-collar employees from Asia and other continents. In the quest to provide for their families, the workers have to move and work away from home. With their wages averaging at $6 a day, it becomes hard to save as well as pay for small things like a phone call home.

Not until Coca-Cola decided to spread some happiness to these workers. The company created a Hello Happiness Phone Booth that accepts bottle caps instead of money to make a phone call home. Every time a worker buys a coke, they share three minutes of happiness with their families abroad.

Let’s face it. Coca-Cola is using a smart advertising technique here.

  1. Johnson and Johnson Baby Powder Launches #MakeHIVHistory Campaign

Johnson and Johnson is a leading baby powder brand across the globe. The company is on a mission to focus on a holistic approach to health.

According to the Center for Disease Controls, new HIV cases among youths (25 years to 29 years) are increasing. CDC cites inadequate sex education and risky behaviors like unprotected sex as critical areas to prevent the spread of this killer disease. However, no one talks about the condition or its consequences.

Well, not until Johnson and Johnson Company decided to intervene.  The brand supports innovations that focus on prevention, treatment, and cure for HIV.

On 1st December 2018, the company assembled a team of influencers for its #MakeHIVHistory Campaign in South Africa. The brand used GIFs to educate the public about HIV. The campaign earned 3,766,152 social impressions, 18 new stories, and 145 photos in the US and South Africa’s leading news outlets.

  1. Retailers Giving Reusable Shopping Bags

The world is gravitating towards implementing measures that protect the environment. As a result, customers are avoiding single-use plastic shopping bags that not only litter but also destroy the environment.

Well, retailers and small businesses are using this as an opportunity to up their brand awareness campaigns. They are buying wholesale tote bags, imprinting their company logo or name, before giving them to their customers.

Unlike in the past, most grocery stores are charging their customers for bags. Such customers will bring their reusable bags to grocery stores and save on cost. In the process, they’ll expose the retailer’s brand to several people out there. It also reduces waste and carbon footprint.


A brand is a valuable asset for any business. It shows how your customers, employees, and the market perceive your products. To be successful, shape these perceptions through a concrete but creative brand awareness campaign. Identify your target market or customers and look for ways in which you can improve or make their life bearable. With this, you’ll be sure of growing your sales.

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