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Awning Systems and Its Outdoor Types – All You Should Know!!
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Awning Systems and Its Outdoor Types – All You Should Know!!


As the weather starts to become warmer, it’s time to set up your outdoor space. Who doesn’t like sitting outdoors when the weather is nice and warm? As seasons change and spring comes bringing with it life and outdoor parties, everyone enjoys utilizing balconies and patios for outdoor sitting. But when it gets hotter, it can become difficult to sit outside, even if you try to.

So this is why having a covered area for sitting outside allows you to use the outdoor space and enjoy sitting outside in the shade where the atmosphere is better than areas right under the sun.

There are many options and choices in the market for covered areas. You can choose between various types of coverings that are available in many different sizes and materials. In this article, you can gain greater insight into the main types of awning systems that you can choose from. Read on to find out more.

Type of awning systems

Let’s look at the main types of awning systems that you will find for covering your patios or decks. By reading this article, you will understand which is a better option for you and which awning you should get for your house or business. Each type serves a different purpose and has its own pros and cons.

1)    Retractable Awning

This type of awning is the most popular awning system. It allows you to enjoy the sun as well as shade. As the name suggests, this awning can be extended and retracted whenever you want. A retractable awning is a great way of covering your patio or deck. When not in use, you can retract them, and this keeps the covering protected and will last longer. There are further two retractable awning options on the basis of their operating mechanism.

a)       Manual retractable awning

These retractable awnings are operated through a handle or lever that needs to be moved to extend or retract the awning. They are comparatively cheaper and less expensive than motorized retractable awnings.

b)      Motorized retractable awning

These retractable awnings are operated through remote control or a sensor. You will press the button to extend or retract the awning. Awning that is activated through a sensor is the most convenient type of awning as it can be programmed to respond and activate to certain stimuli such as sun, wind, rain, etc. This type of awning is quick, more efficient, and effective.

2)    Stationary Awning

If you want to shade and shelter 24/7 for your sitting area, then stationary awnings are the best. They allow permanent protective cover that is strong and more robust. You will not have to think about opening and closing the awning. Stationary awning is fixed to the wall and may have support poles on the other end to offer more strength to the awning. This awning will remain on your patios and decks, giving you shelter constantly.

3)    Portable awning

There are many types of portable awnings that you can select from if you want a shelter that is freestanding and easy to move around your patio or deck. However, they are less likely to cover a larger area and thus are unable to provide shelter as the above awnings provide. Let’s look at the main types of portable awning systems:

a)       Umbrella

A freestanding umbrella is the most famous and easy option when you need protection from the sun. They are also the least expensive option for covering your sitting area. These cover a smaller area and provide shade for a smaller sitting place. So there’s not much you can do under the shelter provided by the umbrella. So if you only choose an umbrella as an awning option, then you are not utilizing your outdoor space to the fullest. If you are dining outside with more people, then some people may not get shade and shelter from the sun. You can use more than one umbrella to increase the covered area. Or you can also go for other awning systems.

b)      Canopy

Canopies are designs in triangular fabric panels. These panels are supported by strong posts and stretch with high tension cables. This awning system is available in various sizes and colors to suit your requirements and tastes. So you can easily incorporate these into your house design. But their shape does not allow proper shelter, so more than one panel is needed to cover a good enough area for sitting. Even though they are portable, they do not need movement once installed. But you can easily take them down when the seasons change.

c)       Freestanding awning

These freestanding awnings do not need fixing or mounting on the wall. They include freestanding frames onto which the awnings are easily fixed. They are usually used in open areas like the lawn, around poolsides, and restaurants.  The awnings are bought separately, thus allowing flexibility in choices and options.

So which awning system is best for you?

Now that you know the various types of awning systems used to provide shelter and shade for your decks, patios, and other sitting areas, you can easily decide which one suits your requirements. It is very important that you understand your needs and requirements before you buy anything.

Once you have decided which awning system is best for you, then you should consider the material of the awning. These awning systems are available in various materials like acrylic, metal, vinyl, etc. And every material has its own pros and cons. So you can start researching the awning materials that are most suitable for you. You can find more information online easily. In addition to this, you should purchase from well-reputed and well-known suppliers so that you buy only the best. Good purchases will leave you satisfied. You can know that the awning you are installing will provide shelter and keep the atmosphere cool for your sitting areas. And your outdoor furniture will last longer and stay protected from fading. You can then easily enjoy outdoor parties with friends and loved ones.

In a nutshell

An awning provides multiple benefits for your home and business. These benefits and advantages make it a must-have installation. As mentioned above, there are multiple types of awnings, each having its own specific characteristics and features. They are all excellent in their respected area.

The answer to which awning is best for you depends upon your specific needs, requirements, likes, and interests. Before making the final decision, it is best that you research the market. Get to know the different materials, their benefits, and costs. Then finalize one according to your type of business, location, size, and needs.

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