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A Beginners Guide to Sales Landing Pages, Themes and WordPress
Blog / Marketing / Nov 2, 2020 / Posted by Jocelyne Nayet / 3783

A Beginners Guide to Sales Landing Pages, Themes and WordPress


So, you want to create a website for your business. Assuming that you have no prior knowledge of coding and want to build this site yourself, how do you go about it?

Free Bootstrap themes

You could download one of the many free Bootstrap themes from the internet and then alter it to your requirements. This will mean changing HTML and CSS code though. Although with a little knowledge it can be done, it is also very easy to make one mistake which stops the website from functioning, and without coding knowledge may be impossible or very time consuming to correct.

Hire a website designer

If you have the budget to hire an expert then this could provide you with a professional, creative solution that is customized to your needs. The disadvantage here is that the website could be expensive and any time you want changes you may have to contact the designer again. This depends on how the website was made and if it includes a Content Management System.

What is a Content Management System?

A CMS is basically software that allows the user, or users, to alter digital content on the website easily. This may be videos, photos, or content. If you hire a professional agency to create your website then it should come with a CMS so that you can alter your own website’s content.

WordPress was once mostly used for blogging but now is a fully-fledged CMS and could be the way for you to create your very own website, especially if you are a beginner. It allows you to create content, design layouts, and publish your work on the internet. It is estimated that more than 35% of the world’s websites are powered by WordPress. There are other options such as Wix and Shopify which may suit but the popularity of WordPress means there are a host of plug-ins, resources, and themes out there. You can use WordPress to create an e-commerce site or great looking online shop easily and there are many tutorials and other help available on the internet.

What is the difference between a homepage, a landing page, and a sales landing page?

So let us assume you have decided on WordPress to create your amazing new page for your business. Your aim ultimately is to sell your product and thus make a profit. When visitors to your site arrive you need them to stay long enough to be interested in your products and ultimately to convert that interest into a sale. To do this you need them to arrive where you want them to be.

A homepage is the front of your website. Basically, the main page or hub from which all the other pages connect. It may contain an image, a title, the menu, and other details such as basic contact details and a search bar. It will be the page that people see when they go to

A landing page however is a page that you want the visitor to hit first. It could be that the homepage is the landing page alternatively you may be promoting a certain item or have an article that you want people to read. For example, you could put a post on your Facebook page alerting your market to an important article and so you include a link in the Facebook post to take your visitors straight to that article. That is a landing page.

A sales landing page is the same but the objective is that the visitor lands on a page promoting a particular offer or item for sale. You want little distraction on the page and ideally few links including a sales cart so you can help the sale along smoothly.

What is a WordPress theme?

A theme is a collection of templates and styles that let you put together a cohesive, professional-looking website with WordPress without writing any code. There are both free and paid-for versions. The paid-for themes often come with more support, instructions, and features but whichever you choose will depend on your requirements and budget.

You may want to practice with WordPress before you jump in and try making your business site. Try downloading some free themes and making mock websites. When you are ready to start building your website then you can read reviews online for the best themes. There are far too many themes on the net to list here but you could try this in-depth Astra vs GeneratePress article on CollectiveRay to check out two popular themes. Astra and GeneratePress both have unique features and can help create a great looking website with appropriate landing pages for your business.

How to get visitors to visit and buy from your sales landing page

Your sales landing page should have one goal, sales conversion. First, though you need to get visitors. This can be done through posts on your own social media accounts. Use Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook to try and drive traffic to the page you want people to visit. If you have the budget you can advertise online. If you have a unique item or a great sale then try and get other sites to include a link to your sales page.

It is not enough to drive traffic to the page though. You need to convert. To make a great sales landing page then you need to consider the product. If it is something technical then you will need to produce a long-form page that provides technical information and images. Long content is good for SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and allows more chances to include Calls to Action, such as a ‘buy now’ button.

If you have a simple product then keep the page short. Put all the relevant information and a nice image on the first screen so you can help with a quick sale. You want a nice clear image, solid headline, concise description, and white space plus a good Call to Action. The disadvantage of short-form is that it is less SEO friendly.


You now have some basic knowledge of what WordPress does, what a theme is, and why you should have sales landing pages. The only limit is your time and imagination in creating a great sales website for your business.

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