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7 Reasons to Invest in Ethereum: The Perfect Buying Opportunity
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7 Reasons to Invest in Ethereum: The Perfect Buying Opportunity


Ethereum is one of the largest and most popular australian crypto currencies on the market. It is the second-biggest cryptocurrency in the world outside of Bitcoin and has proven itself as one of the safest and easily accessible cryptocurrencies easily transferable worldwide.

Ethereum was created by Vitalik Buterin and was officially introduced in 2015. Since then, it has gone through a series of crashes and surges, just like many other cryptocurrencies on the market. However, the doggedness and innovative prowess of its creator have helped it to continue to do quite well on the market.

It has also proved to be a very versatile technology as it is a veritable open-source platform for various transactions and a leading force in blockchain technology.

Why you should invest in Ethereum now

Why you should invest in Ethereum now

Unfortunately, the world of crypto has been uncertain for many players in the crypto market in recent times. The downturn of many crypto prices discourages many people from buying. But should low prices be enough reason not to buy Ethereum?

We don’t think so.

See our top seven reasons why now is the perfect buying opportunity for Ethereum.

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1. Ethereum is widely known and accepted

Like Bitcoin, Ethereum is another very widely recognized cryptocurrency, making waves in various investment and technology sectors. It is not only useful as a trading token, but it has also pioneered various software and apps that are useful today.

Ethereum’s popularity makes it easy for you to transact with it all over the world. Its token, Ether, has blockchain tech that helps to build applications that no one can take down. With Ether, you can make transactions that are independent of banks and other financial institutions.

Traders, investors, and tech enthusiasts worldwide use Ethereum to codify, trade, decentralize, and secure just about anything. Investing in Ethereum is wise based on its exponential growth and the value it continues to bring. As long as decentralized finance is excelling on the market, Ethereum will continue to soar.

2. It’s tested and proven

Ethereum has existed on the market for over five years and has continued to stay ahead of time with its constant innovation. Like Bitcoin, time has tested and proven its value on the market.

With the many projects Ethereum has initiated, we can see that it has tested the market. Its many projects only stem from the fact that market realities support its viability. Furthermore, Ethereum’s ability to come back from market lows on numerous occasions shows that it is resilient and proves that it has a value rise in its future.

The best of Ethereum is yet to come, with potentialities such as the NFT boom, Visa settling payments, and interest from the government lined up along its path.

3. It’s one of the safest cryptos on the market

One factor that you should consider when considering buying cryptocurrency (or any asset), is the safety of its payment system. Ethereum has proven itself to be safe and secure, which is one of the building blocks of its concept of decentralized finance.

Trading all around the world with Ether is safe and protected. Its decentralized system of finance makes sure that all your transactions are transparent and easily accessible. Blockchain technology ensures that financial transactions cannot be intercepted by financial institutions like banks.

This protects your transaction because no one can manipulate the transaction or present the data inaccurately. In addition, its payment platforms are easily accessible, verifiable, and secure, so it’s safe even when you make a transaction.

4. It’s the second-biggest cryptocurrency

In the stock market and cryptocurrency world, the ranks that a cryptocurrency falls into matter a lot. This is why we have terms like “biggest cryptocurrency worldwide (Bitcoin).” On the ranking scale, Ethereum falls in line as the second-biggest crypto in the world. This is a good thing.

No matter how great a project is, if the cryptocurrency backing it is not popular, it will not gain enough visibility it needs to gain traction and do well in the crypto world. But Ethereum doesn’t have this challenge.

Despite the new innovations being released by other cryptos, the spotlight will still remain on Ethereum.

5. Ethereum blockchain is quite useful

Every cryptocurrency that is doing excellently in the real world is doing so because it offers some form of practical value. Even though Bitcoin currently holds the top spot for most popular cryptocurrency, Ethereum’s blockchain still holds its place because it is useful for many purposes.

Ethereum is the base of applications like Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs.) The market cap of NFTs grew from about $41M in 2018 to $338M in 2020. This steady rise is likely because of the value that NFTs hold in the digital world.

In March 2021, the financial card transaction giant, Visa, announced that it would begin trials for settling payments using Ethereum. The multi-usefulness of Ethereum has the potential to give Ether a competitive advantage over coins like Bitcoin.

6. It has a competitive advantage with Eth 2.0

In the same vein, the updated blockchain version, Eth 2.0, is set to change the game in the world of crypto mining, giving it the upper hand over Bitcoin and similar coins.

There have been concerns about the impact of the crypto mining process on the environment but, the upgraded version is set to reduce the energy required for mining to 99.5% less than currently available technology.

When this happens, it will propel Ethereum and its token, Ether, to the spotlight, once again giving it a competitive advantage over Bitcoin.

7. It is a decentralized cryptocurrency

The necessity of cryptocurrency was founded on the need for a free and secure decentralized market. Decentralized finance is the very foundation Ethereum blockchain is built on, and over time, this can boost its value.

How to seize the perfect buying opportunity

How to seize the perfect buying opportunity

Knowing how time is of the essence in investment, seizing the buying opportunity at the right time is essential. These tips will help you:

1. Know your risk level

Like every type of crypto, Ether is also subject to fluctuations. Yes, you can make a lot of gains, but there could also be losses. So before taking any buying steps, make sure you’re in the game for the long haul. Know how much you’re willing to risk, and only buy as much as you can afford to lose.

2. Buy low, sell high

These are some of the oldest rules of active trading. Take advantage of Ethereum price drops and buy when tokens you’re comfortable with are low, then sell them when the prices hike again.

3. Choose a trading platform

Ethereum isn’t hard to buy because most crypto apps and exchanges like Moon Pay offer the token. Choose one that is easy to use and secure. Also, ensure it is beginner-friendly if you’re new to trading. You can then buy and sell your Ethereum tokens on the platform.


Choosing the perfect buying opportunity to purchase Ethereum can be a headache if you’re new to trading. However, market realities and current trends we have highlighted, point to the fact that Ethereum is a valuable cryptocurrency to invest in. If you think you’re ready, our buying guide will show you how to begin.

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