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7 Instagram Post Ideas You Can Apply to Your Business
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7 Instagram Post Ideas You Can Apply to Your Business


What to post on Instagram is a persistent, puzzling question. Instagram posts are where you showcase your brand identity, display the products or services you sell and also engage your Instagram followers and offline customers. Your Instagram feed is almost like a brand portfolio and it is precisely this, which decides whether a profile visitor will hit that Follow button. Here is why you need to get creative and think out of the box when it comes to Instagram posts. Be it displaying products, showcasing how to use those products, or adding a dose of humor to your feed. There is absolutely no limitation to how creative you can get on Instagram. The idea is to get conversations started and interact with your Instagram followers so that they invest in your business on a personal level.

Are you brainstorming ideas for your next set of Instagram posts? Then, let us help you out with some of the best post ideas that you can apply to your business on Instagram and get the ball rolling.

7 Creative Instagram Post Ideas You Can Apply to Your Business

1. Showcase Products Creatively or Product Teasers
Instagram is largely a visual platform. As a business, therefore, you must create high-quality images as posts on Instagram to flaunt the products you sell. You can do so by adding attractive backdrops, color contrasts, by adding effects and so much more. With Instagram photos, you can get as creative and out of the box as you want. Be it creating product catalogs through carousel posts, or creating shoppable posts on your Instagram Creator accounts. When you showcase your highlight products on Instagram creatively, it intrigues the audience to explore more on your page. This can also impact your sales and online revenue for the better.

Further, posting product teasers is something that every business must leverage. The simple reason is that they pique interest. Product teasers make your followers curious; as such, they will show up on your profile on the day of the product launch. To get the best traction, you can also give your Instagram followers pre-order discounts, or other early bird offers to motivate them to buy the products. The idea is to get your followers excited about what’s coming! Not only will your sales reach sky heights, but also boost engagement on your profile.

2. Go Jumping on Trends (But Not All!)
Moment marketing is one of the best ways to attract audience attention as well as cross-interact with other brands. Be it a trending ad, an ongoing challenge that is creating a buzz, or celebrity news that is gaining ground. If the trend resonates with your brand, then go ahead and create a post around it. Participating in a trend can get traction for your business by getting more Instagram followers and most of all, a stellar brand awareness. Moreover, it is a great way to add a dash of humor to your feed. That being said, if you repeatedly put a spoke in every trend, it can have the opposite effect as well, since it can cloud over your unique business identity. As such, look out for trends, even if it is not directly related to your niche but that helps to put your business in the highlight.

3. Post User Generated Content
User-generated content refers to the posts that your followers create in relation to your brand or products. For instance, if one of your Instagram followers posts a photo in which they are using your product such as a piece of clothing, cooking ingredients, sports equipment, etc… You can share or repost that photo on your business profile on Instagram. This is useful in multiple ways. Firstly, by acknowledging the users who buy products from you, you show them that you care. This helps to build long-term customer relations. Secondly, if you are reposting such a post from an influencer’s profile, you garner more attention from their community as well. As such, you gain more Instagram likes, build engagement while creating a fantastic Instagram feed for your business.

4. Memes to Bolster Engagement
Memes and funny content including GIFs are super likable and shareable content forms. That is because it is relatable and speaks to your Instagram followers directly if catered to them. Moreover, it adds some fun to your Instagram feed which might otherwise just consist of product photos or even marketing posts. Memes garner attention and a great for building audience engagement and getting new profile visitors. It might even land you a spot on the sought-after Explore page on Instagram, getting your profile and products some limelight. That said, if you do choose to post memes or GIFs, it must align with the overall image of your brand and should not appear out of place. After all, everyone enjoys a dash of wit and humor during their Instagram scrolling, provided it is light-hearted humor.

5. Show Influencers Using Your Products
Influencer marketing is one of the best Instagram post ideas for any business in every niche. Not only does it build credibility, but also garners attention from new Instagram followers.  Further, when you partner with an influencer in your niche, you are promoting your product through someone who already has a considerable following and engagement on Instagram. Moreover, if the influencer is an industry expert, you can rest assured to get the scale high on product sales. That is because more people buy products based on recommendations from influencers whom they follow. Finding the right influencer and the right way of presenting your product through them can be challenging. But, it makes for a rewarding Instagram post that creates authenticity about your products.

6. Get Behind the Scenes
What better way to engage the audience with Instagram posts that reveal what goes behind creating the products you sell? Behind the scenes posts such as processes involved in manufacturing, employee stories, a fun event at your workplace, and more proven to garner more engagement. Not only does it show that as a brand, but you also value the work that goes into curating the product. It also reflects your work culture and a human version of your business that your Instagram followers can relate to. As such, they are more likely to buy from you when they find your brand relatable and impressionable. A plus, since such Instagram posts contain a real human presence, they are more likely to boost engagement by leaving a lasting impression on your Instagram followers.

7. DIY Tutorials and Instructional Videos
This is one of the best Instagram post ideas that add value for your audience and also boosts Instagram engagement. Whether you are a fashion and lifestyles brand, a chef, a dance or yoga school, or literally any other niche. Showing your audience how to use your products is effective and engaging. Apart from DIY tutorials, tips and tricks about using your products are another way to scale social media. For instance, you can show your Instagram followers how to prepare a particular dish, how to go sustainable about fashion, how to use your product in different ways, and more. By doing so, you directly add value to your Instagram followers’ feed. Further, when the audience sees that your products are easy to use, you might get some sales as well. Post DIYs or instructional posts as Instagram carousels or short video tutorials for unleashing ultimate magic on Instagram.


Spice up your Instagram feed with these engaging and unique Instagram post ideas that you can apply to your business. Be it fashion, sports, culinary or travel, digital media, and more. If you have great products and services to offer, then with these Instagram post ideas, you are all set to catch your audience’s attention and persuade them to buy products from you. With the perfect ratio of creative marketing and engagement, these ideas for Instagram posts will establish a solid presence for your business on the platform. So, your sales graphs too, are set to become steeper!

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