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5 Hallmarks of Successful Packaging
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5 Hallmarks of Successful Packaging


Packaging is an important part of shipping products between manufacturers, suppliers, distributors businesses, and customers. A balance must be struck between having the best packaging for the products being shipped and the cost of the packaging. Additionally, the package used should make it easy for the customer to access and use the product.

Packaging is an important part of shipping products

It is Informative

The packaging should provide information about the product to comply with different regulations.  Also, the packaging should tell the customer exactly what the product contains. Beyond that, the packaging can have features that make it easier for customers to learn more about the product as well as its manufacturer. These can include QR codes, website links, or even contact information.

Beyond that, the packaging can have features that make it easier for customers to learn more about the product as well as its manufacturer. These can include website links, contact information, or even QR codes. With the help of a reliable QR code generator, customers can quickly and easily scan the code with their smartphone to access product information, promotions, and other marketing materials.

Ease of Packing and Transportation

Products need to be shipped from place to place and the packaging a business uses determines how easy or difficult this process is. Good packaging design must ensure the products can be packed as closely as possible so that a lot more of them can be transported in one go. Additionally, the packaging material used must be light enough so that it does not add additional weight to the shipment. By doing both of these things, businesses can reduce shipping and transportation costs.


Packaging material should be convenient for the user to open and get to the product inside. We have seen how milk cartons are created to make it not only easy to open the carton but to also pour out the milk. Another great example, in this case, is the soda can.

One point that stands out in the story of the origin of the soda can, as well as its evolution, is the addition of the ring pull tab. This revolutionary design change continues to make it easy for people to open the can to pour out their favorite beverage, be it a soda or a cold beer.

If the packaging is resealable, that would be even better for the customer. This is especially important in instances where they cannot finish a beverage or food in one go and might need to store it for later consumption.

Proper Sealing

Proper sealing is as important as the type of packaging used. Sealing ensures products do not open and spill out when they are being shipped and in the case of food and beverages, it helps ensure the freshness of the products, either when being shipped or as they sit on the shelves.

Environmentally Friendly

We produce a lot of waste and packaging material makes up a sizable percentage of that waste. Businesses can do their part by using packaging materials that are easy to either reuse or recycle. Aluminum cans, bi-metal cans as well as paper are all easy enough to recycle and it is commendable that most businesses opt for these types of materials.

Plastics, on the other hand, are much harder to recycle but packaging can be created in a way that makes these plastics reusable. For example, some packaging materials can be reused as food containers.

Packaging material is important not only for the transportation of products but also for keeping their quality as they reach the customer and making it easy for customers to get to the product. Using the right material reduces shipping costs while increasing customer satisfaction with the package as a whole.

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