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5 Benefits of VPN for Digital Marketing Success
Blog / Marketing / Dec 21, 2020 / Posted by Jocelyne Nayet / 2476

5 Benefits of VPN for Digital Marketing Success


In today’s IT world, the importance of being connected, involved and having an online ‘presence’ is the bread and butter for online businesses. Digital marketing involves identifying, researching and implementing strategies for the needs of a customer. Success in this field entirely depends on the modus operandi a business can apply, and how efficiently it approaches the application of digital marketing and digital marketing strategy.

The success or failure of these strategies and/or campaigns can make or break a business. Feigning success in the digital marketplace is difficult because an integral part of any online business with good digital marketing in place really is dependent on properly implementing and analyzing the following;

  • Good Search Engine Optimization (SEO) penetration
  • Using social media channels effectively in combination with SEO
  • Using applicable link-building strategies
  • Efficiently applying any email and paid marketing strategies
  • Using automation and analytics software to benefit the business

With all of the above factors in place, digital marketing should run smoothly for an online business. Without these factors in place, an online business’s presence won’t be effective or relevant. Digital marketing especially makes a difference in a business’s Return on Investment (ROI) and is much leaner than what we know as traditional marketing (TV ads, for example) Although traditional marketing still has a lot of traction, as time goes it will probably pale in comparison to what newer forms of marketing bring to the table.

A crucial part of digital marketing success is also keeping up with security, which means installing a Virtual Private Network. A VPN is key for protecting valuable data. Using a VPN means that the internet connection goes through a tunnel, which provides the following general benefits;

  • An encrypted connection impervious to malicious attacks
  • An anonymous connection which can’t be pinpointed
  • The ability to connect to a range of international servers

Benefits of a VPN For Digital Marketers In-Depth

Below is a list of some specific advantages that using a VPN tool brings to a digital marketer. Looking into these topics should be on any to-do checklist for digital marketers;

SEO Advantages

A good (community validated) VPN will help with your local Search Engine Optimization (SEO). By connecting to a VPN and an external server where your target market is, a marketer can browse like a local and have in-depth insight of customer needs and focuses. This will also help access websites in full-form and not bare-bones, so that the marketer gets a full, accurate picture.

Paid Search Advertising

Because paid search advertising is geared towards potential customers who search for services or products, a VPN will help a digital marketer know what the customers are looking for. With this, digital marketers can place ads more effectively.

Monitoring Competitors

Tracking competitors as well as back-link advantages are offered to the digital marketer when using a VPN. Anonymity and safety while searching for information and using software tools for competition analysis is best done under the blanket of a VPN as well.

Social Media Marketing

When connected to an international target market anonymously via VPN, it is possible to access social media like a local too. By doing this, a digital marketer can download local content and access media that may be otherwise geo-blocked or censored in that particular location.

Digital Marketing Security

A VPN will help you keep all of the data mentioned above secure, without the danger of theft of information. Connecting to a VPN will also give you the ability to see the preferences and personalities of customers, ad data, and trends without being such an easy target for malware and viruses, due to the encryption methods. In addition, a VPN will prevent the digital marketer’s ISP from selling their data, as well as discouraging spam advertisers from hooking on.

To conclude, the above has covered that a VPN will increase security and keep data safe for digital marketers, as well as give them the ability to view, monitor, and analyze ad trends and data trends while remaining anonymous.

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