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4 Design Document Templates for Your Business
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4 Design Document Templates for Your Business



Pre-designed templates provide convenient, time-saving blueprints for company newsletters, brand flyers, activity reports, business logo design, and every other piece of business documentation you can think of. From the staff meeting agenda to project management templates to business proposals,  documentation is a core ingredient to a companies success. Professional, visually appealing documents are a must, especially when dealing with other businesses, and for enhanced communication between staff and customers. You can also systematically use the in-built templates. For example, if you are going to start a new company, first of all you need to select a name for your business by using a business name generator tool, and then you can use the templates for marketing and advertising purposes.

Here are some templates worth considering for giving your documents a neat boost and to better convey your business communications. Here you can also find various examples of work instruction templates.

1.   Company Newsletter

Nobody should underestimate the power that business emails still have. Marketing this way contributes to almost half of all sales across digital platforms. With emails still wielding so much power to generate business growth in a world that seems dominated by social media, having an aesthetically pleasing and engaging company newsletter is crucial. A monthly newsletter is a great way to stay visible, as well as keep customers informed about your business activities. A newsletter can relay the direction a business is moving in, layout mission statements, and announce events such as product launches, sales, discounts, and other incentives.

Additionally, a monthly company newsletter can be amended and distributed within the business itself. It can inform staff of any policy changes, retirements, and new hires, as well as any promotional opportunities or training availability.

Microsoft provides an array of tidy, pre-formatted, newsletter templates. Headings, sub-headings, sidebars – everything is covered and anything can be dropped in: images, hyperlinks, tables, to convey your message with clarity and visual appeal.

2.   Proposal Template

Whether you are just starting out or are an already established business – large or small – a proposal letter of any kind is crucial. They are the bait on the hook: to make the catch, they need to be attractive in all the right ways if you really want to reel in your target. Proposal letters done right are essential to success. Done wrong, and you can miss out on serious potential. Persuasive, quality proposals are a key to business growth. For a proposal letter to be really robust, it needs to be presented in the right way.

One professional but simple option is the General Proposal Template by Embrace. Less complex than many, it can be ideal for new small business startups and fledgling entrepreneurs. It won’t tell you what to say but it will tell you what needs to be stated – and where. The template comes with a sample so you have a quick reference point, and contains a cover letter, contents table, pricing tables, and – if desired/required – the ability to include images and other graphics. The presets are simply and quickly changed to your preference so that they can be customized to fit your brand.

Alternatively, for the more established or confident, for a fixed price, Envato Elements offer unlimited downloadable templates. Hundreds of variants are available. Feature-rich and with the opportunity to be much more creative, Envato Elements still manages to retain a simplicity of use. All your proposal ideas can be fully customized, allowing you to tailor specific elements depending on your requirements. Each page, or a particular section of one, can be optimized so as to be as influential and appealing as possible. Envato Elements offer neat, professional proposal templates for any industry that clearly define their mission statement and are engaging for their recipient.

3.   Letterheads

First impressions count. For any prospective client receiving business correspondence, such as an employment offer letter, the letterhead is likely to be the first thing that they see. Even if it’s subconsciously, this can form an opinion before the content has even been read. A professional and on-brand letterhead is a serious factor relating to a companies image as it is one that can inspire confidence and trust. It’s important to be sure that a letterhead is accurately representative of the business, not just in the visual appeal of any brand logo but in the documenting of the right information, accurately.

Phone numbers, email addresses, and especially a physical address, will all add to the authenticity of company credentials. Canva has designed and created a treasure trove of letterhead templates for business. From the simple and straightforward to the more eccentric and original, for the corporate sharp end or the first-time lone entrepreneur, Canva can supply top quality, concise and attractive business letterhead design for any size business in any industry.

4.   Welcome Brochure

Having submitted a successful business proposal, providing your new client with a new client guide is an excellent way for them to get to know your business better and what they can expect from you. It is also a gesture of sincerity that takes your professionalism up to the next level. It makes the business relationship official and it reassures your new customer that they made the right decision. One6Creative provides a superb template for welcoming and onboarding new business clients. Powered by Adobe, One6Creative supplies a clean, defined layout that can be tailored to fit any brand welcome brochure and illustrate how the process will move forward as the relationship between entities grows.


Looking professional is vital for a business to be taken seriously. To come across as anything but that will only be detrimental to business growth – if it doesn’t stop it altogether. Appearance is everything: getting the look of your documents not only gives credibility but it contributes to the building of your companies image and personality. With on-brand use of document templates, you can give your business an edge over the competition.

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