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Leadership and Trust


Having trust in the people that lead you plays a huge role in your success. If you can’t trust your leader, who can you trust? It is vital that if you are in a leadership role that you are providing your team with reasons to want to follow you. Are you setting a good example? Are you lacking skills, but have the knowledge to provide your team with the tools they will need to succeed?

This expert sales interview explores:

  • Leadership and Trust
  • What is Trust?
  • Overcoming Incompetencies

Leadership and Trust

Trust is built on perception, and those perceptions are formed based on your behaviors. Leaders have to exhibit specific behaviors that create trust within the people that they lead. Trust is something that needs to be earned, and it is naive to think that by virtue of position they should be given trust automatically.

What is Trust?

Trust is a complex topic that has many dimensions to it. Conley argues that not many people have a good grasp of what trust actually means. All of the research around trust suggests that it is made up of 4 distinctive elements:

  • Able
  • Believable
  • Connected in relationships
  • Dependable

The ABCD’s of trust are vital to building a strong and trustworthy relationship.

Overcoming Incompetencies

Leaders in today’s society have such a wide role but are not always the most technical expert in any given job. What leaders should have, however, is the ability to know how to get the job done by equipping their employees with the tools they are going to need, or otherwise. Leaders don’t always have to be a genius, but they need to know how to bring resources in to help their teams succeed.

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