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Are You Ready to Achieve Your Desired Results?
Blog / Improving Sales Team Performance / Sep 5, 2023 / Posted by Elinor Stutz / 34

Are You Ready to Achieve Your Desired Results?


Achieving our desired success requires aligning our priorities and values with specific far-reaching goals to include the latest applicable technology. Observing, listening, asking questions, and tapping into our intuition regarding possibilities leads us to the next phase. Researching relevant technology and becoming familiar with what other countries are implementing is vital. The open-minded approach to listening, learning, and implementation will enable us to achieve the desired results and move beyond where we are today.

Lessons Learned

The opposite of encouraging leadership among most occurred within one prominent organization long ago. According to the CEO’s ideals, instead of cultivating the collaborative mindset, he took joy in creating an atmosphere akin to the movie, ‘The Hunger Games,’ embracing toxic synergy as stated in a Google Search.

Privately, friends share their horror stories about teams being pitted against one another to out-sell or out-perform each other. Accordingly, only 50% received praise followed by a bonus and could continue to work toward potential promotion. The other half were routinely fired due to not winning the contest. As you can imagine, the turnover rate was second to none, creating much havoc among employees and their families. Sadly, highly talented people were fired solely due to losing a cut-throat game.

Approaching Year-End

Most businesses and salespeople are crunching numbers and doing everything possible to bring in the most business, beginning with September, to the best of their abilities. The concerning factor is whether they put all the necessary background work in place to finalize the anticipated year-end business.

Technology Benefitting Society

Today, we have one more necessary strategy to embrace. Business growth isn’t simply about currency flowing in. The companies likely to do best are the innovative ones creating technology that will benefit society.

Given the erratic climate events of late, travel abroad gives new insights regarding the possibilities of working together and improving circumstances. A recent visit to Copenhagen was eye-opening in many regards. Aside from enjoying the centuries-old architecture, canals, and delicious food, their efficiencies on many levels were attention-grabbing. These include:

– Bicycling to work, and thousands of bikes are available for usage.

– Electric charging stations for vehicles are present throughout the city.

– Greenery is present everywhere, including on the sides of buildings.

The secret to finding success is to come to terms with where one currently resides and wishes to be and then do the more challenging work of planning for the future. However, one factor that can add to greater satisfaction is adapting technology that reduces waste and unprecedented carbon emissions and may enhance the environment on both a personal and corporate level.

The better leadership model is to model forward thinking and benefit society however one or a company can. Moreover, additional training and exchange of insights will encourage employee contributions, longer-term staff, and client loyalty. The benefit of doing all the seemingly extra work will contribute to the company’s bottom line while serving communities well.

Planning for Year-end Growth and Beyond

Consider from all angles what is on your wish list for yourself, the business, and society. Determine how to address the wishes by converting them into reality to benefit many more people.

One strategy for achieving more is to set far-reaching goals and work backward by establishing long-term steps for achievement first, then creating medium-range steps, and then initial goals for achievements beyond initial expectations. The approach eliminates wasting time pondering daily, ‘What am I to do now?’ Efficiencies and embracing new technologies will enable achieving far more than original expectations.

Achieving Success

All the above motivates you to continue creating, experimenting, and implementing to enjoy the year-end growth you desire and move far beyond!

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