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Embrace Your Uniqueness
Blog / Improve Sales Skills / Mar 20, 2024 / Posted by Elinor Stutz / 27

Embrace Your Uniqueness


Everyone has a unique mindset, goals, and methods for achieving their desires. However, most are unaware of the gatekeepers residing within their mindsets. The noise within and the ‘no’s preventing them from achieving their business growth and desires.

‘Open minds can open closed doors, and business growth depends on the impact we make.’

Two recent experiences exemplify the harm some do to their potential for business growth. Ideas were dismissed before they could appropriately and reasonably be discussed, accepted, or declined.

The specific issue is whether to solely work on behalf of oneself or find ways to partner, collaborate, and benefit the greater good.

The underlying element for business success is to listen carefully, legitimately weigh the pros and cons upfront, and hear opposing views with a follow-up Q&A, which can paint an entirely new picture for proceeding.

Our impact depends upon:

  • The company we keep.
  • The people with whom we collaborate and share ideas.
  • Whether we strive to work for the greater good.

Today vs. Tomorrow

No one can predict the future, but we can undoubtedly make strides to impact it on our terms to benefit many. Our strides begin with us, the individual. It’s necessary to look deep inside to realize what we do well and how we may improve. Although we may feel impatient for success, reflecting on what we do well and where improvement can be beneficial is necessary. By listening to the insights of those paving the road ahead, we may realize the missing elements to incorporate and do better.

The last step in realizing success is multiplying the good deed by sharing what we learn via good and bad experiences to help those following in our footsteps. The reward is enormous, knowing we can benefit others by sharing the wisdom we gain over time.

The Beginning

For people new to their careers or businesses, it’s often best to invest in training. But the key to success is to research the best fit for what you are attempting to achieve upfront. Next, monitor what you learn and implement it to realize what is working best and how you may expand upon the results.

As experience becomes yours, recognize the people you admire and those you want to avoid concentrating on what is important to you. Some will attempt to dissuade you every step of the way. View the challenge as making you stronger and more fit to achieve business growth and all else you desire. Mindset is an essential piece of making dreams come true.

It’s our duty to live the life we desire; it’s not up to anyone else but ourselves. Classes, research, and conversations with peers and leaders can all motivate and enable us to do more. But before the journey begins, we must know what we want to accomplish, test varying ways to do so, and then share the best and worst of what we learn with our communities. The results can be gratifying on multiple levels!

  1. Know the needs and desires of your audience, including your next new employer, in detail.
  2. With the right mindset, even the ‘impossible’ can become your reality.
  3. Capture hope, the power of your dreams, and put all of it into action.
  4. Use the negativity you hear as your motivating force to continue.
  5. Partner with inspiring people and companies to spread your inspirational ideas further.
  6. Share ideas online to see who appreciates them, then ask for a conversation and learn more about one another.
  7. Consider applying to appear on media channels to spread your insights to appropriate communities.
  8. As experience becomes yours, consider the varying mediums available to further share insights.
  9. Set aside time to volunteer for a community that can benefit from your work.
  10. Celebrate Success!
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