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Do You Speak to Your Clientele’s Agenda?
Blog / Improve Sales Skills / Jul 18, 2023 / Posted by Elinor Stutz / 53

Do You Speak to Your Clientele’s Agenda?


Most salespeople are so focused on making their quota that they put their needs ahead of their clientele’s. That mode of thinking could be better; the better route is to put your clientele first, front and center. Focus on their needs. The results will be remarkable because you will stand out well in the crowded field.

First and foremost, speak to your clientele’s agenda!

Consider your previous experiences; how do you feel and react upon being ignored, spoken down to, or feeling unimportant in a conversation? Most people want to believe that their thoughts matter and desire acceptance in social and business settings. Most people relent that their ideas are not understood, others ridicule them, and often they feel very much alone to wonder if their effort is worthwhile. And then the idea of quitting comes to mind, although it isn’t their heartfelt desire deep down.

‘Treat Clientele As Humans’

Whether we encounter people personally or professionally, we each want to feel a warm welcome and a sense of appreciation as we communicate our thoughts. Similarly, clients quickly evade attempts by salespeople who only have the sale in mind, not the person or the company in front of them.

‘I’m Watching You!’ – Robert Di Niro

The infamous line spoken by Robert Di Niro applies to the sales profession. Prospects first need to know they can trust you. The determination occurs by observing the following:

– Consistency in communications

– Being willing to listen, ask questions, and admit what you do not know.

– Authentic behaviors consistent across the board

Learn by Being the Prospect for A Provider

Realize whether you are comfortable in their presence or not. Is the person simply selling or inquiring about what caught your interest to speak to your concerns? The worst behavior among salespeople is non-stop talking, including daring people to purchase.

What Caught Your Attention to Meet?

Although people are unique, commonalities among many appear as to what caught one person’s interest. Listening to answers is essential for building one’s sales repertoire. Not only will you soon realize the valid interest points, but it also opens doors for larger companies with the ability to target their needs and concerns.

The QLC (question, listen, clarify) routine signifies the following:

– Humility is within you, and potentially integrity, too.

– You stand out from the competition and could be a friendly easy-to-work-with provider.

– You care about delivering your best.

Authentic Relationships Are Essential

Be A Story-Teller


Prospective clients seek out amicable relationships whereby they are comfortable trusting the representative. Even better, they look forward to future meetings that include tasteful laughter. The professionally friendly style of doing business relaxes almost everyone. Better yet, the process turns into a returning and referring clientele known as The Smooth Sale!

Sales Tips: Do You Speak to Your Clientele’s Agenda?

  1. Listen upfront to your clientele to have the honor return to your favor.
  2. Admit what you do not know and commit to getting a timely answer.
  3. Upon hearing an unusual question, ask for the reasoning behind it so it may give a more complete answer.
  4. Ask your client if they have other questions as you finish a more comprehensive answer.
  5. Before concluding a meeting, ask what else may be necessary to advance to the next.
  6. Before exiting a meeting, set a new date to reconvene.
  7. Continue down a similar path for all follow-up meetings and inquire when the company may like to begin.
  8. Celebrate Success!
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