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The Very First AI Mobile CRM
Blog / All About CRM / Jan 31, 2019 / Posted by Nikolaus Kimla / 1012 

The Very First AI Mobile CRM


Reach for the Stars with Pipeliner Voyager

Voyager has arrived—empowering you with the very first Artificial Intelligence functionality for Mobile CRM.

It’s one thing to have statistics and numbers. But to interpret statistics requires intelligence, which is what we are providing with Voyager. Want to know how well you or your team are doing compared to the last sales period? Want to see how you or your team have improved or are suffering with regard to opportunities? Lead count? Or accounts and contacts? It’s all here—brought to you by Voyager AI, utilizing Pipeliner’s instant dynamic visualization.

How it Works

Let’s start with opportunities since that’s usually the first thing salespeople and sales leaders want to know about. Voyager offers you four powerful views of opportunities:

Productivity—Shows you a comparison, as a ratio, of the current number of opportunities that have been won, as compared with the previous period, for a salesperson or team.

Velocity—Shows the speed at which a salesperson or team is winning opportunities, as compared with the previous period.

Winning Percentage—This metric compares a salesperson’s or sales team’s revenue from opportunities to the previous period.

Efficiency—Shows how efficient a salesperson or team is, as compared to the previous period.

Each of these metrics are color-coded so you can instantly see how each is performing, and rapidly take needed action:

Red=Negative—something needs to be handled.
Green=Positive—the salesperson or team is doing better!
Blue=Stable—neither increased or decreased.

You can view the “quick status” for opportunities, which gives you an instant, color-coded graphic of the above data.


From these views, you can “drill down” to gain more granular insights.

From both Productivity and Velocity, drill down to the Productivity and Velocity Analysis, where you can see the number of opportunities, tasks, and appointments created within a time period, and view instant comparisons to the last sales cycle.

From Winning Percentage, drill down to the Amount Analysis, which shows both won amount and lost amount in revenue, and compares to the previous sales cycle.

From Efficiency, drill down to the Efficiency Analysis, which shows you, in comparison to the last sales period, the degree of efficiency in relationship to tasks and appointments.

Each of these analyses provides several different graphical methods with which to view the data.

User Comparison Arena

This totally unique feature allows you to compare user performance, one with another.

Hot Now

For opportunities, you also have a “Hot Now” window which shows your hottest deals and their close dates. Know where to put your priorities.


Leads are the lifeblood of any sales organization, for, without them, opportunities never happen. For leads, Voyager AI guides you with three views:

Productivity—Showing how quickly a salesperson or a team is qualifying leads and completing tasks, as compared with the previous sales period.

Velocity—Shows how fast a user or a team is qualifying leads and completing tasks.

Efficiency—Shows how much (or how little) effort goes into qualifying a lead.

For leads, the “quick status” allows you to view these three metrics all on one screen, color-coded for instant comprehension.

As with opportunities, you can drill down into analyses from each of these metrics for a more granular look at the data.

Accounts & Contacts

The view for Accounts and Contacts is Winning Percentage, which compares a salesperson’s a sales team’s revenue from opportunities to the previous period. The Quick Status shows you an instant, color-coded graphic.

You can drill down to the Winning Percentage analysis, which will provide more granular insights into a salespersons’s or sales team’s performance as regards to accounts and contacts.

Reach for the stars! Put Pipeliner Voyager AI for Mobile CRM to work for your sales team today.

    About Author

    A 30-year veteran of the computer industry, Nikolaus has founded and run several software companies. He and his company uptime iTechnology are the developers of World-Check, a risk intelligence platform eventually sold to Thomson Reuters for $520 million. He is currently the founder and CEO of Pipeliner Sales, Inc., developer and publisher of Pipeliner CRM, the first CRM application aimed squarely at actually empowering salespeople. Also a prolific writer, Nikolaus has authored over 100 ebooks, articles and white papers addressing the subjects of sales management, leadership and sales itself.

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    uzoh okafor commented...

    The artificial intelligent machine voyager is doing am amazing work with pipeliner CRM mobile app


    OMOKAFE SEGUN commented...

    As an Internet Sales Consultant with vast experience in AI and sales softwares algorithms, Pipeliner CRM simplifies the tasks for you, makes Sales projections and processes easier for you and your Sales Team.
    Good job to the Pipeliner Research Team.


    Emmanuel Adesite commented...

    This sets it apart from other CRMs

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