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The Small Business’ Guide to Social CRM by Craig M. Jamieson
E-books / Sales Management / Nov 27, 2016 / Posted by Craig M. Jamieson / 6858

The Small Business’ Guide to Social CRM by Craig M. Jamieson

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Craig M. Jamieson’s comprehensive guide to building a successful social CRM strategy is focused on small businesses. Download your free excerpt here.

The era of small business social CRM is upon us. Can you keep up?

Your business and customers have both evolved dramatically over the past several years. Much of this has to do with the explosion of the Internet and of social media. Quite simply, buyer behaviors have changed, and smart businesses must learn to adapt to these changes.

Whereas customers used to rely on your business and your sales and marketing staff to educate them on your product or service, many of these buyers are now doing this research on their own. They are going online, and even a simple Google search will provide them with much of the information that they seek. Moreover, they are asking and getting product recommendations from friends, family, and from people whom they know and trust, and they are using social networking as the preferred platform to secure these. This book covers:

  • Exploring the key benefits of social CRM for small businesses
  • Laying the groundwork for social CRM
  • How to define your social CRM needs prior to any investments
  • Choosing an implementing your social CRM
  • Training and best social CRM services
  • Craig M. Jamieson’s book is a great guide for social networking for your new buyer. Download this free excerpt now!

Praise for The Small Business’ Guide to Social CRM

This book does a fantastic job of describing why every small business needs to build its brand and grow its business by connecting with customers who matter to turn connections into conversations and relationships into revenue.

Jon Ferrara
CEO of Nimble

About Author

Craig has lived and taught selling since 1977. Managing member of Adaptive Business Services, providing training and consulting on leveraging social and traditional selling techniques, strategies, and social CRM to increase revenues. Author of A Small Business's Guide to Social CRM.

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