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Sell Harder? … or Sell Smarter? Why Social Selling Works
Blog / All About CRM / Jul 30, 2014 / Posted by Albert Hopper / 6234

Sell Harder? … or Sell Smarter? Why Social Selling Works

Harder Than It Looks

Selling is the process of exchanging something of value (a product or service) for something else of equal value (money). Sounds pretty easy, right? I have something I have created, I want to give it to you for the money in your pocket, and you have agreed you need it so you give me your hard earned cash.

Great, but how do I do step one: Create the need? Traditionally, I can try creating that sense of need with an elaborate marketing scheme, an epic display at a retailer, or even shout from the roof tops that my stuff is better than the other guy’s stuff and you need my stuff. If I am successful, we make the exchange and I move on to the next customer. That’s it. Simple, and transactional. Rinse and repeat as often as I can because it’s all about my sales volume.

Social Is Experiential

Social selling is a little different. I still want to give you something in exchange for money as often as I can, but how I do that has changed into a conversation. Instead of just convincing you that what I have is better than the other guy, I want you to become part of the experience, not just the transaction.

Wait, I want you involved in my sales and not just as a customer?

Most people use social media because they have something they want to say, and they want to be heard by as many people as they can. For some, social media is also about ego, why else would anyone care about a Klout score? A smart social salesperson recognizes both of those aspects of social media and uses it to get more sales.

Let’s Give ‘Em Something To Talk About

Invest in your community’s influencers and talkers. Give them something to talk about. If you can’t do that just because you are just that awesome, let your influencers and advocates tell their networks how awesome they are because of your product. Use your Twitter page to call out a customer by name and thank them for doing business with you.

Use your tools to send a birthday tweet, or randomly jump into their conversation to tell them how epic their hamburger shaped cake was. Ask for their opinion on the latest sporting event or national holiday. Facebook allows the conversations to get deeper; you can really stretch your creativity there. Use the longer format and graphics to create polls that lead to product enhancements and special “Facebook only’”bonuses.

Social Media Is for Socializing!

Most of all use social media to be social and build stronger relationships that lead to repeat sales and referrals.

The bottom line stays the same between sales and social sales; I want to exchange my product for your money. It’s up to me to create a need for you. I have to show you how my product is the best available and that’s why you want it. I can do it traditionally by telling you all of this, or I can use social media to get you involved in the conversation and let others tell you for me. The next question is do you want to work harder or smarter?

About Author

Al spent over a decade in the contact center environment. He is pursuing an MBA in Marketing, and was named as one of the Top 100 Most Social Customer Service Pros on Twitter in 2013. Seeking to bridge the gap between social marketing and Customer service, Al is a co-host of the weekly Twitter chat

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