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Pipeliner CRM Introduces Multiple Pipelines — PLUS Many New Upgrades and Features!
Blog / All About CRM / Mar 31, 2015 / Posted by Alyson Stone / 6170

Pipeliner CRM Introduces Multiple Pipelines — PLUS Many New Upgrades and Features!

The best tools are always about more than mere usability and features. They are vehicles of happiness in your work life. They delight…. They make life easier…. They enable good things.

Sometimes these little details seem minor, but they are not. They lead to progress, sometimes even revolution.

With each release, we’re working hard for our customers to deliver this enlightened approach. We want to elevate Pipeliner CRM — beyond those other dusty-dataset, command-and-control, monolithic CRMs — to a real source of insights about your sales opportunities.

Multiple Pipes: The Sales Organization, Revealed

Pipeliner CRM introduces multiple pipelines. You see it all — every part of your sales organization, laid out before you — and you switch between views effortlessly. Because of this, everything changes.*

*BTW, no one else does this.

Sales organizations have long struggled with ways to systematize their various territories, their various splits (inside / outside sales), and even sales situations (pre/post-sales, renewals and account expansions). Management of these for both the individual sales rep — but more importantly sales and company leadership — was fraught with forecast deficits, process failures, and software shortcomings.

Besides the game-changing new Multiple Pipes feature, there are several other important and new features in this release that you won’t see from the other guys:

The Smart Org Chart Maps All Your Accounts and Contacts — Automatically!

The Org Chart feature maps Accounts and Contacts, enabling you to build a complete picture of your customer accounts. Assign any Contact or Account in a hierarchical layout and create subordinates and assistants.

Additionally, there’s a handy click-to-print feature for sharing the Org Chart with anyone on your team. Other features:

  • No set-up needed — it’s a part of our core product.

  • You decide who and what to “Pin” from  the Org Chart to the Buying Center (another valuable view of your buyer’s hierarchy for any Opportunity)

    • Remember, you can pin “one to many with any” — and set a Primary Contact* — powerful capability.

    *BTW, nobody does this but us!

Improved Buying Center

Today’s B2B sale never starts or ends with just one person involved…

  • The average B2B buying decision involves 5.4 people.

  • Fewer than 7% of purchase decision are made by one person.

We’ve further improved our Buying Center, a visual account planning tool that enables our customers to map the organizations they sell into. Here’s an example from Mad Men:

The Buying Center turns Account Planning into a visual exercise — instantly see the lines of influence (and don’t miss the important roles!).  It’s been enhanced utilizing the data from within the Org Chart and has the ability to flip between the two.

Rich Reports — 1 Click Away!

Pipeliner does the heavy lifting for you when it comes to Management Reports. Now, in addition to the pre-filled reports Dashboard, we’ve added a New Report button to other views throughout the application.

This is a unique treatment — reports are built instantly, from your current view— creating an opportunity for management to zero in on the information they need to run their business. This contrasts with how most software generates reports — that is, with the user doing all the (tedious) work.

Now you’ll accomplish more — be creative, mentor wisely, and visually manage an entire sales organization. Imagine, for example:

  • A Management Report on exactly the view before you — the one you’ve currently filtered in the Pipeline
  • A Management Report on the Activities of the sales rep you’re reviewing
  • A Management Report on closed deals this month
  • Plus, you can Star and Save Reports for consistent use.

The Updated Rich Contact Record

In Pipeliner, the Contact view is compact. We’ve cleverly redesigned multiple fields into one, so that, at a glance, you’ll see the last time you touched a prospect, what Opportunities they’re involved in, their running feed (What are they up to?), and a handy activity box.

Just as with popular team collaboration apps, you can now send messages to anyone on your team within any Pipeliner CRM Contact or Account record — unprecedented in a Sales CRM!

Design and Build Your Sales CRM System in Parallel — On the Fly!

You can now customize the look and feel of your Pipeliner CRM while you’re working — or any time you identify a way to improve your process. For example:

  • You realize you should have an additional sales stage in your process.
  • You add vital-to-your business custom fields in your Contact Record.
  • Your Reps and Managers filter their views to match their goals for the day.

We give you a “hover browser” to make tailoring your product seamless. Advance your Sales Process — change or tweak your system as your business grows and changes. Your Pipeliner is always up to your needs.

On the Engineering End, We Got a Lot Faster!

We have made Pipeliner CRM much faster and more responsive. From synchronization to loading updates, you’ll find a satisfying emphasis on speed and efficiency.

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