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Introducing Pipeliner CRM 7.0: Here’s What’s New!
Blog / All About CRM / Oct 14, 2014 / Posted by Alyson Stone / 4727

Introducing Pipeliner CRM 7.0: Here’s What’s New!

1-to-Many with Any—Connect Your Customers and Accounts in Multiple Ways


The best CRM tools evolve to adapt to new internal processes, channels, and systems — to put your customer or prospect at the center. With this release, Pipeliner CRM has turned the classic Account-to-Contacts model on its head. We call it “1-to-Many with Any.” This clever engineering enables customers to associate one Contact to Multiple Accounts,  and designate a Primary Contact or Account for any of them. So if your Contacts overlap your Accounts, no problem! Users have context for today’s complex relationships, as they evolve. This “People First” approach delivers true business value, as Pipeliner CRM represents true relationships as they exist in the real world.

Here’s what this means to you:

  • People talk to people, not Accounts, even if we are discussing a given company and a specific opportunity.
  • Sometimes (more often in today’s world), people are associated with more than one company over the lifetime of your relationship. This feature makes those associations airtight.
  • Effortless interactions support lifetime loyalty, referrals, and evangelism about you and your product or service.
  • Confusion is not an option in a competitive business environment.

Pipeliner CRM provides context while maintaining a crystal clear visibility into your relationships!

Add and Manage a Product Catalog Within Pipeliner CRM

Your product catalog, pricing, and discounts can now be a part of your CRM—a massive time saver. Get fancy with applying discounts, taxes, or automatically calculating fields. Imagine your quotation process intimately tied to your daily workflow.

  • Create a product list, with categories.
  • Create price lists and add products on the fly.
  • Offer discounts and update Opportunity Value—automatically!
  • Run reports quickly for a full view, any time.

Pivot Tables (Reports on Steroids)

Pivot tables are an advanced method for comparing data and sharpening insights across multiple data sets. Crunch the numbers any which way. As if Reports weren’t easy and powerful enough, we’ve now cracked the code on adding the power of the Pivot to an easy drop-down menu. With a Pivot, you can compare with multiple variants (e.g., How well did your Sales Team in Europe do vs. Americas with regard to total units sold in June?) That information is now less than 3 clicks away.

Email Notifications in Settings

Want to keep your entire organization in the loop about your sales team’s actions? Want to give reps the ability to set the notifications they need? Solved. Set email notifications (individual reps or by the Admin) for updates on Opportunities, Leads, Accounts, Contacts, and Activities — you can pick an choose the information you want, and nothing more. You set how often and what to be notified about, facilitating better cross-company awareness to what matters.

“Favorites” and “Most-Recently Opened”

Now you can see the most recent interactions in your network. Designate any Contact or Account a “Favorite” using our new star system. Dropdowns from the Search window and

Partners Co-Branding

Our ranks of Partners are swelling! Partners now benefit from co-branded versions of Pipeliner CRM. See how easy it is to become a Pipeliner CRM Partner today! (link)


More new features and updates:

  • Social Profiling: Pipeliner CRM  social media Search is now augmented via Google, and includes: automatic population of user social information such as location, Twitter account, or biographical data.
  • Twitter account autofill – Data autofills right into Pipeliner CRM. Any  prospect search can now be completed inside Pipeliner CRM and resulting profile information (including location and biographical data) is slotted right in, meaning fewer clicks for you! Magic!
  • Clean, bright design refreshes throughout the product.

We’re very interested in what you have to say about these new features and improvements. Our goal is to be every more useful to you! Please write to us with suggestions and feedback.

Read more about today’s release.


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