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Our New White Paper Confirms the Importance of CRM Onboarding Experience
Blog / All About CRM / Oct 1, 2014 / Posted by Alyson Stone / 4344

Our New White Paper Confirms the Importance of CRM Onboarding Experience

Implementation and onboarding are key to the success of your CRM solution. We wanted to know how easy it has been for our customers to implement Pipeliner CRM, train their users, administrate the system, and use it flexibly for their company’s sales process.

These issues are important because bringing a system online can be expensive in lost time and money. If training is difficult, salespeople may not adopt the product and use it. Administration, if difficult, can mean additional personnel costs, often a very expensive “hidden” cost. Flexibility (customization) is  another important metric, because sales processes and stages can change quickly and Sales needs to react quickly.

Some highlights follow, and you can read the full CRM Onboarding report here:

Administrative Costs Findings

  • 100% of respondents said no full-time administrator was needed with Pipeliner CRM (our competitors’ products all require 1-2 full-time administrators).
  • Average Administrator Onboarding Costs for Pipeliner CRM $274 (competitors: $7,051)
  • Average Administrator Onboarding Savings for Pipeliner CRM: $ 6,777

CRM Onboarding Findings

  • Over 2/3 of respondents thought onboarding was Easy or Very Easy
  • Over 2/3 of respondents found any help available either in the product help or on the website.
  • More than 1/2 of respondents said they completed CRM onboarding in <1-5 days (vs. our competitors’ vague estimates of “weeks”).

Training Findings

  • 90% of users said training was Very Effective or Mostly Effective, with questions answered quickly.

Flexibility and Customization Findings

  • 100% of respondents reported that they were able to customize their sales process easily in an hour or so.
  • Almost 100% of respondents said that passing on knowledge during hiring or replacing employees was easily accomplished in <1-5 days

Savings Over Time Findings

  • Total savings using our product vs. competition for 25 Users over a 3-Year Period: $338,770.00

As you can see, onboarding, flexibility, and administration of your CRM choice are factors you will want to consider as you demo any CRM solution. Onboarding can be easy, seamless, and well-ordered — a red-carpet experience or complex, stomach churning, and expensive!

Why CRMs Fail

A recent C5Insight white paper identifies the typical reasons why CRMs fail:

  • Low user adoption
  • Costly change orders
  • Complaints from users that CRM slows them down
  • Necessity for add-ons
  • Project halts or delays
  • Platform changes
  • Failure to produce a measurable return on investment

We are proud to point out that Pipeliner CRM insulates you against failure with: a high rate of adoption, inclusion of all features in the core product, streamlined workflow, integration with many popular worktools, speed and ease of  implementation, and calculates an estimate of ROI in just weeks!

You can lower the odds of failure by asking the following questions during your research:

  • How long will it generally take to onboard?
  • How much administrator time is involved in CRM onboarding?
  • What administrative resources will be required after the product is up and running?
  • How much time and effort is involved in training users?
  • How easy is it to change the sales process?
  • How easy it is for a new rep to migrate ongoing opportunities from a departing rep?

Our product development relies on your feedback to guide us as we add features and functionality to Pipeliner CRM. Please email us your ideas. We appreciate your ongoing support.

Please visit the Pipeliner CRM Sales Reference Library for more information on CRM and choosing the right system for your company.

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