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3 Ways CRM Software Improves Sales Pipelines
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3 Ways CRM Software Improves Sales Pipelines


Sales pipelines are used to aggregate the progress of potential customers all through the sales life cycle. They are usually visually represented in CRM software so sales team members can easily keep track of the deals that are in the pipeline at any time. A sales pipeline is a collection of potential customers for a business. It consists of different stages, which are:

  • Lead
  • Initial Interaction
  • Qualification
  • Proposal
  • Commitment
  • Close

Customer relationship management (CRM) software is used to manage a business’s interactions and relations with new and existing customers. It helps them streamline their operations, stay connected to customers, and boost profitability.

Before internet usage became mainstream and competition was not high, potential customers of certain businesses would have to attend conferences to learn about the products being launched. However, now that there are more people are able to set up their own businesses, there is a struggle to gain market share. This has prompted the need for businesses to connect with new and potential customers better, or else they might lose them to their competitors.

This is where pipeline CRM software comes in, as businesses can use them to touch base with their customers any time they deem it necessary. Here are some key ways CRM software improves sales pipelines:

1. Proper Lead Management

Depending on the nature of the business involved, it could take any time from days to months to convert a lead into a customer.  The longer a sales cycle continues, the more likely it is to lose leads along the way. Using a pipeline CRM software to manage this process would make it possible to identify top-quality leads and focus on guiding them into further stages of the sales cycle. This is because they have a higher chance of being converted, which improves sales efficiency.

2. Greater Sales Forecast Accuracy

Being able to accurately forecast sales helps build business stability as it helps the key stakeholders optimize and identify new business opportunities. Creation of more products is usually based on sales projection to avoid wastage of resources. Using CRM software properly over a long period can help a business analyze consumer behavior to know when there is going to be a spike or dip in demand. This allows them to tailor their operations accordingly and save money in the long run. One of the CRM challenges businesses may face here, according to SmallBusiness HQ, is the scalability of the CRM software. Choose a tool that grows with your business and you can continue to forecast sales accurately.

3. Better Market Segmentation

These days, marketing efforts involve a scan of the general public to find potential customers and analyze their underlying reason for being interested in the product being sold. This allows businesses to categorize their customers (new and existing) into different groups based on certain characteristics. Afterwards, it would be easier to target each category with marketing materials tailor-made for them. CRM software facilitates the collection of consumer data, so their trends and patterns can be analyzed. This information gained will let business owners calculate the lifetime value of each category when deals with leads start closing.


Having a well-maintained sales pipeline is vital for businesses that are into the sales of products. Additionally, using a pipeline CRM software to reinforce sales efforts can improve it significantly and lead to a higher lead conversion, and more profit for the business in question.

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