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Remote Working Tips for Beginners
Blog / Business Culture / Apr 15, 2020 / Posted by Jocelyne Nayet / 3061

Remote Working Tips for Beginners

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Welcome to the world of remote work. Whether you’re a new freelancer or a regular employee adjusting to the digital transformation of the modern workplace, remote working can be challenging for beginners. The key to being productive while working remotely is being organized and taking care to plan how and where you work. Here are some tips that can set you on the right path.

Be Patient With Yourself

First things first: take it easy on yourself. Coming from a traditional workplace and entering a remote working setup is a huge transition for anyone. If you’re finding it difficult to be motivated or to avoid negative feelings as you embark on a completely new way of working, it’s important to recognize that these feelings normally come with transitions of this scale. As an author of The Remix and remote work expert Lindsey Pollack says, cut yourself some slack. Have a little patience – and faith – in your ability to adjust to the times.

Establish and Develop a Remote Working Schedule

Having a schedule to adhere to gives structure to your workday and will allow you to better manage your time. Furthermore, as we’ve discussed in ‘What to Do if You Can’t Focus While Working Remotely’, determining your personal daily working hours can help in establishing an “office mindset” at home. By establishing a daily schedule, you can clearly define for yourself what you should and shouldn’t be doing during certain hours of the day. Using a timer app might help you stick to your schedule. Once you establish this schedule, you can better respond to emergencies, chores, client meetings, and other issues/responsibilities in a manner that’s more organized and respectful of your and others’ time. By setting time limits for yourself, you’ll be able to do more with your newfound freedom.

Consider Coworking Spaces

Whether you’re a freelancer or a regular remote employee, periodically taking your work to a coworking space might just be the change of scenery you need. Alongside the fast internet and free coffee, one of the biggest advantages of most coworking spaces is that they are located in centric areas of a city. Coworking operator Industrious has its Kansas City branch situated in the Country Club Plaza, a historic upscale commercial destination in Missouri. The location puts workers in the heart of Kansas City, making it the perfect location to meet clients and collaborate with local businesses. Meanwhile, We Work practically dominates coworking in New York City with several locations within Manhattan. There’s also Corporate Suites, which also has multiple locations across Manhattan. Even in much smaller cities, you’re bound to find a coworking space or two offering remote workers everything they need to finish the workday. And while they require rental fees for varying levels of access to their facilities, the rates and terms are typically flexible to any individual or company’s specific needs.

Build a Dedicated Home Office

Pick a room or a corner in your home to turn into your new home office. Dedicating a single spot in your home to all work-related tasks can make it easier for you to maintain a productive mindset for each workday – particularly crucial for those who are still getting used to working remotely. If you don’t have a spare room, any stable desk or well-lit corner of your home will do. Even the smallest spaces can be designed into a work-conducive area. Make sure that everything you need to finish your daily tasks are within reach from your office. If you’re easily distracted, you might want to opt for a minimalist style or design. Use folding and/or multi-purpose furniture if you’re short on space, and make sure your home office is not just well-lit but well-ventilated as well. Architectural Digest’s guide to creating an inspiring home office also suggests making the space as personal as you can, through art and other touches. This will create a space you will feel comfortable and productive in. If you also want to know about decorating a home office check out this amazing guide from Land of Rugs.

We hope that the above tips have helped. Remote working when properly organized is one of the most rewarding and productive ways to work.

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