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How to Move Back to Daily Commutes After the Pandemic
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How to Move Back to Daily Commutes After the Pandemic


As an executive, you’re likely concerned with transitioning your employees back into office life. But don’t forget to take care of your own transition, which will help your staff since you’ll lead by example.

If you live and work in one of the best cities for walking, preparing to return to the office can be as simple as planning your walking route. However, if you live further from your office, have kids to drop off, or live where there’s heavy traffic, more thought has to go into your preparation.

We’ll show you how working up to this transition is better than diving right back in without preparation and the best ways to prepare for this transition.

Get Your Mind Ready to Return to Work

​​It’s a good idea to start preparing by going over scenarios you could face at work. This will make you feel more at ease. Imagery is effective in helping people cope with anxiety. It will help you emotionally prepare if you do this.

Before your formal return to work date, you should also take a practice run and visit your office. Examine the office area and accept that things are no longer the same, so things look and feel different.

For instance, the pandemic has forced many companies into digital transformation, so things in the office may be more technologized than before.

If your workplace has been empty for a year, it may require cleaning or updating. Take some cleaning supplies with you to your dry run and spend some time making your place ready.

Sprucing up your office before your start date can benefit your mental health because you’ll be starting your new work journey in a friendly, clean, and well-organized environment.

Prepare Your Wardrobe and Establish a Healthy Sleep Schedule

You feel better when you look well, so wearing a nice outfit can help you stand a little higher and feel more confident. It can also make you look more presentable to a higher-ranking coworker who can be vital to advancing your future career.

The right outfit might assist you in resuming your work. Consider purchasing new clothing or updating your wardrobe by adding items that make you feel good and leave a good impression.

A good night’s rest is another way to look and feel your best. Staying up late and sleeping in was standard throughout the pandemic. So arriving at work at a given hour might throw the timetable off.

Before returning to work, concentrate on developing a regular sleep habit. Sleeping for seven to nine hours has been found to increase productivity.

Getting adequate sleep might help you avoid emotional eating and protect you both emotionally and physically from the effects of stress.

Plan Your Morning Commute

If you’re like anyone else who sheltered in place during the pandemic, you probably put on extra weight. While this is normal for the circumstances, getting back in shape can help boost your energy levels, making this transition easier.  You may have even been able to qualify for telecommuting insurance.

If you live in a walkable city, walking to work may be a simple way to get your body active and improve energy. The walkability of a city is established by calculating how many errands can be completed without using a car. Be aware, though, that places with the greatest walk scores generally have the highest cost of living.

Even taking public transportation and walking the rest of the way is an excellent way to get your body moving.

Regardless of how you get there, since your schedule may change, you’ll need to arrange your new travel itinerary carefully.

Leaving to drive earlier before traffic can make the commute less stressful. And catching a train, bus, or light rail a few minutes earlier or later may result in less crowded and easier social separation. Just make sure you don’t leave too late, or you’ll be rushed and stressed.

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Imani Francies writes and researches for the auto insurance comparison site, She frequently explores and stays up-to-date on tips and tricks for adapting to new working conditions.

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