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Employee Recognition – The Secret Ingredient to A Thriving Workplace
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Employee Recognition – The Secret Ingredient to A Thriving Workplace


Employees of an organization do not only want to work and get paid but usually desire a conducive and inspiring working environment. One key thing that motivates workers is the art of recognition for their performances. Employee recognition brings substantial benefits to the company. Some employee recognition benefits include improved motivation, increased productivity, higher employee retention rates, and a more positive corporate culture, some of which are discussed below.

Staff Retention

When employees feel appreciated and recognized for their hard work, they tend to be secure with such a job. When they feel safe, they tend to stay and work with the company for a long time since they are satisfied with the company’s attitude and gestures. Not only does it save them the stress of job hunting, but the company also benefits from this since it can bank on its staff availability and build with them.

Improved Workplace Relationship

A workplace full of motivated staff members and where employees appreciate each other will have healthy bonds. Improved relationships at work will further encourage the collaboration and teamwork necessary to achieve the goals and objectives of the business. Such employees will motivate one another and ensure employees do their job diligently.

Increased Productivity

When employees get a high five for a job well done, their spirits are high, and they tend to put in every effort to do more. This increased productivity shows the power of appreciation. People love to be where they are appreciated, but an absence of that may cause burnout and a lack of motivation. Public rewards even stir others to emulate diligence to get the same recognition.

Customer Satisfaction

Motivated and happy employees tend to provide excellent services. They attend to customer needs with willingness. This is because they are satisfied with the work environment and know that rendering exceptional service will attract thumbs up to them. Customers benefit from this, which leads to high satisfaction with the products and services of the company. High customer satisfaction means profitability for the company as it gets more patronage.

Promotes Company Values

Cultivating a recognition culture in a workplace helps to reinforce the company values. For instance, if a company upholds necessary core values such as diligence, commitment, integrity, and excellence, it will reward employees who demonstrate them. This ensures that employees do not get too relaxed to the extent of compromising what the company stands for. When staff members consistently uphold company values, it will present the company well as being consistent in delivery and quality over time. With strong values, an organization struggling to survive may prosper, especially during trying times.

Increased Motivation and Morale

Acknowledging members for staying true to the course of the company and making them realize that they are the drivers of success is a fantastic way to motivate them. Motivated staff has a sense of belonging, which encourages them to put in their best efforts. Where this is lacking, employees will find themselves indifferent and not performing as highly as required. When employees lack motivation, it can negatively affect the overall company performance and productivity.

Encourages Innovation

A highly motivated team will be innovative. This is because the work environment is encouraging and inspiring. Also, as everyone relates well, it fosters idea sharing and skill sharpening, leading to improved creativity. That way, there is improved productivity for the company and better service quality.

Healthy Competition

Rewarding individuals on a team keeps everyone on their toes to put in the best to their duties. People generally want appreciation and would work for it. This will drive them to improve their skills, complete tasks quickly and on time, pay due diligence to their responsibilities, and reach out for the medal. That way, no one slacks in discharging duties, and performance is improved.

Employee Well-being

Recognition and appreciation help to boost the emotional well-being of employees. They work with happy and motivated minds, not passionless ones. Organizing events such as hangouts, parties, and retreats also helps them to relax and refresh themselves for better productivity. This way, burnout and stress are reduced, and they are psychologically fit to do their jobs.

The more business owners prioritize employee satisfaction and emotional state through recognition, the better. Companies can have their awards and recognition moments weekly, monthly, or annually. However, there has to be consistency and transparency while at it. Transparency ensures that the right person or team gets the applause as and when due. The more employees derive satisfaction with their jobs, the more productive they become and the better the overall company performance.

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