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Corporate Training Challenges Addressed By Microlearning
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Corporate Training Challenges Addressed By Microlearning


With decreasing attention spans among employees, corporate training now faces challenges in the form of fatigue experienced by corporate learners due to traditional training programs. Microlearning has emerged as a potential solution to address this challenge.

Microlearning comprises bite-sized chunks of information, which is offered to learners in the form of digital resources through a learning management system LMS. Due to their extreme compactness and focus, each microlearning module only addresses one performance-driven learning objective.

Each module typically lasts up to 15 minutes, which makes it the ideal method for testing pre-training recall and providing post-training performance assistance.

This article emphasizes the use of microlearning for online training to address various learning and development L&D issues faced by corporations. We will discuss the multiple ways in which microlearning solves corporate training challenges. We are sure that you will decide to invest on microlearning once you are done reading this article. Let’s begin.

The Following Are The Most Important Corporate Training Issues Microlearning Addresses

Some of the ways in which microlearning can assist corporate training in overcoming challenges are discussed as follows:

Microlearning Provides Solutions for Performance Support and Refresher Training.

Formal training must be followed by refresher training and performance assistance because learning is a continual process. Refresher training would only be useful if learners had to repeat the same training because it would make them incredibly bored. However, because of microlearning, learners no longer have to go over the same information repeatedly.

Performance support: Following each training session, it is possible to turn practical exercises into smaller microlearning modules for performance support, which the learner can use whenever and wherever they are needed.

Refresher: Companies can deliver brief learning nuggets with a summary of crucial ideas from the training.

In addition, it can be used to deliver pre-training resources that students must review before a formal training session.

Microlearning Facilitates Employee Training in Limited Time

The fact that training managers have so little time to design and distribute training is perhaps the most challenging issue they face. On-the-job training OJT is becoming more and more common due to this. However, because there needs to be more time to do efficient training, employees receive subpar instruction, which negatively impacts their performance.

Microlearning solves this problem, and how! Consider how you can modify microlearning courses to make them into OJT modules if you thought bite-sized learning modules were just helpful for course recaps and performance support.

Even better, tracking learners’ progress and procuring learning analytics are considerably easier when microlearning courses are housed on an LMS.

Helps to Offset the Forgetting Curve.

According to the theories put out by German psychologist Herman Ebbinghaus, learners only retain 20% of what they have learned by the end of the week and most of what they have acquired in less than a day. He titled it the forgetting curve, which dramatically reduces training efficiency.

One of the main problems with corporate training is that corporate learners tend to forget what they have learned. The good old assessments are the only reliable methods to determine how much a learner has retained following a single course or module. Microlearning ensures that learners retain the majority of the learning content.

Microlearning modules have a single, performance-driven learning objective and are very tightly focused. Thus, a customized eLearning course or VILT virtual instructor-led training session addressing several learning objectives can be divided into several manageable, 10-15 minute microlearning units. Additionally, learning becomes more vivid, and the content is better recalled due to how brief and single-focused these micromodules are.

Microlearning Assists with Self-Paced and Emergency Learning

For example, if a new product is being launched or there is an immediate need for tech support, your learners may occasionally need to receive training right away. In these circumstances, conventional training is not the best course of action.

Due to their brief 15-minute duration, micro-learning modules are ideal for last-minute training. It also applies to people who are working from home. Even if you give them multiple microlearning modules, they’ll find the time to finish them all, given their short durations.

Simply keep an eye on how they’re doing. Because shorter learning modules and single objectives are simpler to complete than full-fledged eLearning courses, corporate learners remote or otherwise would be more encouraged to pick one and complete it whenever they have spare time.

The learners would also receive rewards after finishing the module as a result of the gamification of eLearning courses, which would boost their sense of motivation and accomplishment.

Microlearning Encourages Peer-to-Peer Learning

When displayed online, information is typically more straightforward to share with others. Microlearning can thereby encourage peer-to-peer learning. It enables staff members to educate their coworkers about their courses and new knowledge.

Through this partnership, everyone’s comprehension of the subject matter could be strengthened. Additionally, it encourages self-managed teams to help one another. These relationships at work also increase retention rates and employee satisfaction.

Performance and ROI are improved through microlearning.

Ultimately, the management’s essential worry is whether the money spent on employee training has yielded the anticipated results. Microlearning also takes care of this aspect. You must also note that mini modules under microlearning are not synonymous with inadequate training. Studies have found that taking information in “smaller” chunks lets learners recall it better.

In addition to being brief, direct, and devoid of unnecessary information, a microlearning module addresses time and space limitations. Positive effects of microlearning on learning and retention result in improved employee performance and a higher return on investment.

Microlearning modules are today’s ideal learning assistance and are a more cost-effective alternative to expensive custom eLearning courses. They are also simpler to develop and implement. Therefore, you must get started with microlearning right away.


Microlearning is the best solution for corporations dealing with reduced employee attention spans. We have discussed the various problems solved by microlearning when it comes to designing and implementing corporate training programs.

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